What Types of Injuries are Typical at a McDonalds?

When attending any public place, there is the risk of injury which is why risk assessments are a legal requirement to minimise potential accidents and injuries to the public. However, when these techniques are not adequately put into place, a person can suffer injury.

Common accident at McDonald’s people have suffered from:

  • Slips and Falls – Unmarked wet zones or spills which have been left unattended pose a hazard for customers. Slipping and falling on such surfaces can cause severe bruises, breaks, strains, as well as other injuries. If you already have a medical condition (such as a hip replacement) and fall as a result of poor health and safety preventative measures, you could require additional surgery which may entitle you to a compensation claim.
  • Severe trips caused by unmarked elevations – Easements must be marked when there is a steep incline or decline. If the easement is not marked trips, slips, and falls can occur. As these locations are typically on the exterior or entering the outside area of a building, they are more dangerous than the interior falls (as there is traffic, less padding, no sanitation, and such).
  • Severe Burns – Where it is true that hot beverages are served and that they have a cautionary sleeve, the beverage must be within regulated guidelines. A drink that goes beyond the standard heat level can cause severe burns. Even if the cup has been labelled as hot if precautionary measures have not been taken to minimise the risks of a burn you may still have grounds for a compensation claim. Another burn which is common at McDonald’s involves the heated grease which is used on some of the food. While your food will have some of the grease, substantial grease which is not left to cool properly can cause burns.
  • Severe Cuts, Bruises, and Breaks from Damaged Machinery – Broken tables, chairs, bathroom equipment, handrails, and such are the responsibility of the McDonald’s restaurants to have fixed immediately or to ensure that such faulty machinery and fixtures are not in use. If the consumer is allowed to use such equipment and severe injury is caused, that person may have grounds for a compensation claim.
  • Severe Damage to Teeth from foreign objects – Quality control is the responsibility of McDonald’s. If, on the rare occasion, there are other objects in the food you have purchased which is poisonous or hard causing severe oral damage: you may have grounds for a claim.
  • Food Poisoning – Food which has not been adequately maintained and cooked may lead to food poisoning of various degrees. At a minimum, you will get sick. However, some cases of food poisoning have been known to cause hospitalisation.

Do You Have Grounds for a McDonald’s Compensation Claim?

If you believe that you have reasons for a claim, you should contact a legal professional for a consultation. In a large number of cases, the establishment will try to appease the person who has been hurt to avoid having a claim filed against them. You should evaluate whether the injury is an accident which could occur at any other location or if the situation is due to negligence. If you determine that the injury is due to negligence, you may have a claim.

Those who have had to receive medical care as a result of an injury obtained at a McDonalds then you may have grounds for a claim, especially if the injury required x-rays, stitches, and other tests. Those who have existing medical conditions which were enhanced as a result of attending a McDonalds may have grounds for a claim.

Do You Need Help Determining If You’re Eligible for an Injury at McDonalds?

If you need help in determining whether or not you have grounds for a McDonald’s claim, please contact us. Our team of professionals will evaluate your case and work with you one on one to determine the options that are available to get you the compensation that you deserve. As claims are dependent upon the timeframe from when the injury occurred to when the claim was filed. The longer you wait, the less apt you are to win your case. If you have had an accident at McDonald’s contact us and we can determine the best claim to file, we will file the paperwork for you in a timely professional manner.

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