Acquired Brain Injury Compensation Claims

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What is an Acquired Brain Injury?

Head and brain injury have a severe impact on the lives of an individual. Some of the activities which the injury will hinder include: work, education and day to day living.

When a person suffers from head injury, he or she will experience physical problems such as cognitive impairment and impaired movement.

When you encounter such problems, you may want to consider an Acquired Brain Injury Compensation Claim. This is where a solicitor calculates the amount of compensation which can be claimed for your pain, suffering and long term needs.

How Will Tylers Solicitors Know How Much To Claim For?

The initial step is for your lawyer to acquire a medical report on your behalf. Consequently, he or she describes exactly the condition of the brain and head injuries and what the future holds based on your symptoms. The report is compiled by the consultant neurosurgeon. The report is then presented to your solicitor who will look at the severity of head and brain injury set out. In addition to the pain and suffering, the solicitor will go through the financial loses which you have incurred. Some of the charges include: travelling expenses, medical expenses, lost income and head injury rehabilitation expenses. As a result, the total and future losses will be calculated by the solicitor and added to the suffering compensation. This will determine how much you will be paid. Apart from the final compensation figure, you will also be entitled to interests on your claim.

What Can I Claim For Head and Brain Injuries?

The severity of the brain injury is also used to calculate how much you can claim.

Minor or moderate brain injury

This is a brain injury which is indicated by a coma of just a short amount of time. The length of time is between 15 minutes to six hours. The settlement which you will receive under this condition is £1,600 to £10,000.

Severer brain and head injury

A severe brain injury follows a period of six to forty eight hours in a coma. This is also accompanied by post-traumatic condition from 1 to 7 days in which you may feel both confused and disoriented. The person who is suffering from a severe injury claim is entitled to £12,000 to £220,000.

Very severe head and brain injury

One could have suffered a severe brain injury if he or she has been in PTA for more than seven days. This might be an indication that you have suffered from severe brain and head damage. When you are suffering from serious damages, you could receive £220,000-£320,000. This is because of your reduced living standards and life expectancy.

The head and brain injury compensation claim mentioned above is very vital. With personal injury solicitors, you will get assistance and guidance on whether it is possible to make a compensation claim. In fact, the solicitors are very ready to help you. Nevertheless, they will be happy to explain the accident claim process in detail. Alternatively, you can complete an online compensation claim form. This is where one of the representatives will assist you in receiving the compensation which you are entitled to. Therefore, you need to contact the solicitors so as to discuss the circumstances of your injury or accident.

How Can I Get In Touch with Tylers Solicitors for My Acquired Brain Injury?

If you have suffered an acquired brain injury then you may be eligible to claim compensation. Call Tylers Solicitors today (freephone) on 0800 699 0079.