Claim Compensation From An Accident At Aldi Supermarkets

Aldi Supermarkets are one of the leading budget supermarkets in the United Kingdom, but they were not always so popular. Aldi opened its doors in the year 1989 and at one point was opening a new branch every single week. A German-owned company, managed by two brothers, they expanded to the United Kingdom after seeing a gap in the market for discounted food and drink.

While it is obvious that the majority of visitors visit one of the many Aldi stores in the UK without suffering an accident, unfortunately, accidents in Aldi like any other supermarket do happen.

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What Are The Most Common Accidents To Occur In Aldi?

Can I Make a Claim Following a Slip, Trip or Fall Due to A Spillage?

This may be obvious, but slipping accidents are one of the main accidents in supermarkets. Due to the nature of the store it simply would not be practical to carpet the whole supermarket. There is a need for cleanliness, and constant accidental spillages which do create hazards would simply require new carpet every week.

Could I Claim Against Aldi for a Trip In Their Car Park?

A visit to your local Aldi should come with a health warning. Pallets left on the floor and boxes lying around in between staff filling shelves and clearing makes the possibility of a trip a reality. Furthermore, large pieces of polyethene which are used to wrap boxes together can often escape on the floor causing a hazard to shoppers in the store. But it is worth noting that this could happen in every supermarket and not just in Aldi’s.

Trips can also occur outside of the store in the customer car park and could be for some reasons, such as the condition of the paving or tarmac and maybe due to the lack of lighting in the car park.

Can I Claim Against Aldi For Falling Stock?

There have been reports of shoppers getting injured due to items being stacked too high causing them to topple over.

Is I Possible to Claim Compensation From a Supermarket After a Lifting Accident?

It is not just customers that can get hurt, employees of Aldi can injure themselves attempting to lift heavy items.

Aldi and other supermarkets owe you a duty of car, and where they fail to show you this, a successful compensation claim is due.

If you too have suffered from an injury at Aldi in the last three years and believed that it is the fault of the supermarket, then you should contact Tylers Solicitors today for legal assistance. Just call 0800 699 0079 for a further chat about proceeding with your claim. We have the experience and expertise to help you get the compensation that you deserve. You have nothing to lose, here to answer your questions.