Ankle Injury Compensation Claim Information

If you want to start a claim for an ankle accident, then you should discuss your case with a lawyer specialising in ankle accident claims such as Tylers Solicitors. This will ensure that your claim has the best chance of success because we have the competence and professional expertise required to process a claim for ankle injuries.

How do Ankle Injury claims happen?

Ankle injuries can happen in a variety of different places and situations. They mostly happen as a result of slipping on wet floors, tripping over objects that shouldn’t be there and falls from a height such as from ladders or other equipment that can raise you to a height sufficient enough to cause serious injury should you fall. Road accidents, accidents while playing sport and at work can also cause ankle injuries.

Can I make a Ankle Injury claim?

Whatever ankle injury you’ve suffered as a result of an employer or businesses negligence, get in touch today. Our legal team can work with you no matter what kind of injury you’ve suffered. If you’ve been the victim of a physical injury, we are here for you.

How do I make a Ankle Injury compensation claim?

If you have suffered an accident involving your ankle that wasn’t your fault then take that brave first step towards recovery and give Tylers a call today. To make a claim, it will be necessary to collate as much evidence as you possibly can to prove your accident and the subsequent damage you suffered as a result wasn’t your fault. For example, this may involve taking photographs of whatever it was you fell over or the wet surface you slipped on that wasn’t adequately marked. It will also be necessary to provide us with details of the extent of the damage you have suffered for us to help award you with an amount of compensation that you are satisfied with. You can reach our experienced team directly by calling us on 0800 699 0079. You can also use our simple online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What are common causes of Ankle Injuries?

Road accidents, accidents while playing sport and at work can also cause ankle injuries. If an employer fails to abide sufficiently by existing health and safety legislation by ensuring your complete safety at work or if you have suffered an ankle injury as a result of an accident outside the workplace that wasn’t your fault then the employer or whoever was responsible could be liable to pay you damages in the form of compensation.

Ankle Injury Compensation Amounts

If you have had an ankle injury at work and want to know the average amount of compensation you can claim, use our quick compensation calculator below to calculate the average compensation you will receive.

Minor Ankle Injuries
If you have suffered a minor serious ankle injuries where the development of future conditions like arthritis is not anticipated and full recovery is expected to take a maximum of one year, you may be entitled to make a claim.
Up to £3,500
Moderate Ankle Injuries
If you are unfortunate enough to suffer moderate ankle injuries such as ligament tears that lead to less serious disability but still cause difficulty from irritation as a result of surgery and difficulty walking on uneven terrain or less serious sprains and fractures, you may be able to make a claim with us today.
Up to £17,000
Serious Ankle Injuries
Whether you’ve tripped or had an accident at work that has resulted in a serious ankle injury, you may be entitled to make a claim. These type of injuries may have forced you to require plaster for a long period of time and even correction surgery.
Up to £32,000
Very Severe Ankle Injuries
If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer a very severe ankle injury which cause deformities and result in the need for amputation to prevent future damage. Most often the case with transmalleolar fractures due to extensive damage to the soft tissues, then you may be able to make a claim.
Up to £44,500

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Have to Make an Ankle Injury Compensation Claim?

You can make an Ankle Injury compensation claim once you have a solid diagnosis from a doctor or medical professional. To start you should take photographic evidence of the scene of the injury and the injuries that you have sustained and keep track of it over time. This will help strengthen your case.

Is Tylers a No-Win, No-Fee Solicitors for Ankle Injury Compensation Claims?

Tylers Solicitors are no win, no fee accident claims solicitors, which means if you lose your case for your ankle injury claim, you do not pay us a fee.

Why Choose Tylers Solicitors to Represent My Ankle Injury Compensation Claim?

Tylers Solicitors will always strive to get you the maximum compensation amount possible for the injuries you have suffered after your accident, along with any loss of earnings and medical costs incurred.

We also value the solicitor/client relationship very highly throughout the claims process and believe that communication is the key to a successful compensation claim.

What are the Most Common Types of Ankle Injury?

Spraining is a common ankle injury and happens when the muscles and tendons that surround the bone become overstretched. In more serious cases, those muscles and tendons can be torn, and surgery may be necessary to repair the damage. One of the immediate results of a sprained ankle is extreme pain followed by rapid swelling around the joint. It is important to keep weight off a sprained ankle until the swelling has gone as well as applying a cold surface to the wound as medical attention is sought.

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