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Anterior Cruciate Ligament Damage Compensation

If you want to start a claim for an ACL Tear Compensation then you should discuss your case with a lawyer specialising in ACL tear claims such as Tylers Solicitors. This will ensure that your claim has the best chance of success, because we have the competence and professional expertise required to process a claim for ACL tears.

If you want to proceed with your ACL tear compensation claim then you should call Tylers Solicitors freephone on 0800 699 0079 and we can then proceed to talk you through your ACL tear compensation claim. Alternatively, if you are on your mobile phone, you can call 0333 577 0320, which is free to call with free minutes on your mobile phone. We are a No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors.

Sports were designed to help us relax, to bring us close to people we love and most importantly, to keep our bodies fit and stable. However, sometimes, accident do occur which makes us suffer instead, fractures to say the least. On the worst side, there have been reports of death resulting from injuries sustained from play grounds. Ligament injuries often occur, the common one being Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury. Unknown to many, negligence on the part of medical professional can lead to gruesome experience and delayed recovery. When this occurs, one is legally entitled to compensation claim.

What is anterior Cruciate Ligament tear?

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury is a debilitating musculo-skeletal injury affecting the patient’s anterior cruciate ligament. It’s mostly caused by non-contact tear and ruptures and in most occasions occurs to athletes. The injury is a severe one and in many cases, usually causes knees instability, which in turn results to the other knee ligament related problems. Injury of the ACL should be taken seriously in order to avoid further damage which can result to total immobility and worse, expensive surgeries which often leaves one with irreparable side effects.

What are the Symptoms indicating that you are suffering from ACL injuries?

The major symptoms include severe pain emanating from the knee and sudden popping sound which is often heard during knee motion. Additionally, there can be a swelling with a wobbly feeling when touched. Ignoring these signs yields to more severe consequences such as massive cartilage damage which increases risks of getting osteoarthritis later when ageing. Some people may fall a problem that is caused by bending of the knee involuntarily. Another problem includes anterior instability to the knee, an effect that is also categorised as a symptom.

What are the causes of ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Injury?

ACL injuries will occur when someone plants their foot hard into a stationary object or the ground or suddenly stops when in high speed, or it can be caused at work. It is quite a common within the workplace where there are many hazards that can lead to the twisting of the knee, which in turn will put pressure onto the ACL that can lead to further injuries. Women’s sports such as basketball, tennis, associate football and volleyball have been confirmed to be the leading causes of ACL injuries.

As a result, women are said to be more prone to this type of injury than men. There have been claims linking this to differences between men’s and women’s anatomy, muscular strength, training technique and timing when it comes to muscular contraction and coordination. Interestingly, there is a group of scientists associating changes in muscular tension with menstrual cycles backing their claim with “hormone change” evidence, with the fact that women do have wider pelvis, which obviously requires femur that is tilted toward the knee.

What is Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Claims?

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Claim is a claim made by a patient who has suffered as a result of ACL clinical negligence. It’s important to file an ACL Injury Claim with experienced solicitors in order for you to receive compensation. Compensation awarded from this type of claim is intended to be used in clearing the costs incurred during treatment and also help you together with your family live a quality life.

What is ACL diagnosis Procedure?

For you to become eligible for ACL injuries claim, it is a mandatory that you produce proof that in deed you suffered from anterior cruciate ligament injury. There are three tests carried out to examine whether one is suffering from ACL injury, a diagnosis that is later confirmed by MRI. These tests include:

  • Pivot –shift test,
  • Anterior drawer test,
  • Lachman test.

Who is eligible to make ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Injury Compensations Claim?

  • Any patient, either still suffering or already recovered from ACL Injury who believes that his/her suffering were as a result of clinical negligence on the part of medical practitioners can sue for payouts.
  • Straight family members/dependants of the patient who believe that their loved ones suffering were brought about by the negligence on the part of medical practitioners and do not have the money to also financially support them..

What are the different grades for an Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury?

Grade 1 – Is where the ligament fibres are stretched but you are lucky enough to not actually tear the ligament. The tenderness is very little and there is minimal swelling. Overall your knee will feel stable enough to take your weight but you will still feel pain.

Grade 2 – Is where you will find that part of the fibres of the ligament have stretched too far and have caused a tear. The swelling and pain may be quite moderate but your knee could feel unstable under your weight.

Grade 3 – A complete tear of the ligament, also referred to as a rupture. As serious as the injury may be the pain can be quite moderate. The swelling of the knee can vary but you could feel very unstable on your knee. Complete rest is advised to give you a full recovery.

When do you file for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Claim?

Depending on the extend of your ACL injury and time you take to discover that you were misdiagnosed, Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Claim can be filed anytime immediately you get the results that truly you are suffering from ACL injuries. Actually, there are patients who file it immediately while others take long before filing blaming it on the time they took to discover their ordeal and financial restraints they have. Other patients lack information and therefore rely on the help of an outside party before they become aware that they are entitled to compensation.

Where to find information about Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Claims in London?

Everything you need to know about ACL Injury Claims in London is within the public domain specifically from lawyers dealing with injury and clinical negligence cases. You can choose to physically visit their offices or virtually find information regarding their services online through their websites by searching through the net by typing the location name together with the query. For instance, to find information about Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Claims in Manchester, type, “Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Claims in Manchester”. The results will be more, filter through for information you are interested with.

How much compensation can you claim?

Many people will use a compensation calculator when thinking about claiming, but the value of your lawsuit entirely depends on the seriousness of the injury brought about by delay in diagnosis or wrong medication, the cost incurred and the extend of effects resulting from the negligence. Many cases have been worn in Radcliffe & Manchester touching on ACL injuries. For instance, there is a case that involved a 16 year old girl who suffered from ACL injuries while playing volleyball was properly diagnosed but the doctors operating on her were somewhat negligent a mistake that delayed her recovery. In defence, the solicitors representing her blamed the original operation and the case was settled the girl being awarded £23,000 compensation. There have been handful cases attracting compensation worth of up to £40,000.

How ling will it take to claim compensation for an ACL tear?

That depends on the severity of your injuries. Some cases can take up to 2 years and beyond, which is why you need to start proceeding now rather than later.

Are you are no-win-no-fee solicitor?

Like all other medical negligence cases, Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Claim presented to lawyers gives them an opportunity to go through everything presented before them. It is through what they get that they ascertain the chances of winning and then on behalf of their client file a claim. The solicitors charges nothing until the case is closed. If the compensation is awarded, the solicitor will then charge for their fee, otherwise, the victim walks scot-free.

How to make ACL injury compensation claim

As stated earlier, all claims associated with injuries are filed by lawyers dealing with injury and clinical negligence cases & settlements. You are advised to physically visit them and openly discuss your case with them. They will guide you on what stage to follow next and promptly lead you all the way to the end of the case.

How to prevent chances of suffering from ACL injuries

Though ACL injuries occur as a result of accidents, by law research indicates that incidents of non-contact Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury can be reduced in a margin of 20 to 80 percent by engaging in frequent neuromuscular training. Neuromuscular training enhances Proprioception; a state of being balanced, maintaining proper, and movement patterns facilitated by increased muscle strength.

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