Autism is a condition that is on the rise. It is most commonly found in children that have developmental issues such as language problems, learning disabilities, and even problems forming relationships with others. As a parent, we want our children to grow up in the best way possible and without barriers on their ability to learn. The mounting number of autism cases in the world today has caused many parents to seek out help for their child if they suspect any developmental issues arising. Autism however is commonly misdiagnosed as many of the symptoms associated with the disorder can mimic many other developmental issues.

What Conditions are Commonly Misdiagnosed as Autism?

  • Asperger Syndrome – The mark of Asperger syndrome is that the person is able to effectively communicate with others where autism patients have a true problem with language and communication.
  • Childhood Disintegrative Disorder – Autism symptoms usually arise in the early stages of a child’s development, but childhood disintegrative disorder is a different type of developmental issue in that the child develops normally and then experiences a reversal of development and tends to degenerate quite quickly. This particular disease is quite rare.
  • Rett’s Syndrome – Where autism effects the entire body and is common in both boys and girls, Rett’s Syndrome is only found in girls and effects mainly the body from a neurological standpoint. The child will show the normal hand gestures associated with autism.
  • Deafness – The fact that we can hear generally means that most of our normal functions are not impaired, but children that are deaf, may not develop in the same way as other children. Deafness is not always found during birth and can take years to be discovered all while the parents and doctors believe the child suffers from autism.

What are the Causes of Autism?

Most autism cases are linked to genetics. The genetic alterations occur in the womb yet do not become evident until the child begins to walk and speak. A select number of autism cases have been brought on by meningitis, celiac disease, and other diseases that affect the brain activity. In a limited number of cases, autism has been linked to exposure to specific toxins or chemicals during pregnancy. Smoking and alcohol are said to increase the risk of autism in unborn children.

Could I Claim for the Side-Effects of Unnecessary Medication?

Autism medications are becoming more and more popular are more cases of autism are diagnoses. A child that is diagnosed with an actual case of autism can have fits of rage in which they will attack their teachers and caretakers. Risperidone is one of the most widely used drugs to treat autism and it has helped many children with autism take advantage of learning opportunities where they otherwise would have missed out on. Even though risperidone is the standard autism treatment option, it is not without its share of side effects.

  • Weight Gain – We expect our children to gain weight as they grow, but this usually happens during growth spurts, however those that are treated with risperidone tend to gain weight quite rapidly. The weight gain is generally around 6 pounds in 8 weeks which is quite a lot when dealing with a very small child.
  • Drowsiness – This particular drug has been shown to bring hyper children down to a normal level. Although the FDA has not cleared the medicine for ADHD use, it does work remarkably the same way as many of the medications. This may be great for ADHD children, but can be bad news for autistic children.
  • Hormonal Changes – This includes mood swings in children of all ages.
  • Involuntary Movements – Nervous tics can develop from many different drugs and risperidone has shown in some cases to cause involuntary movement in patients. That includes nervous tics as well as more violent movements causing injury to the child as well as others.

Am I Eligible to Make a Claim for Autism Misdiagnosis Compensation?

Autistic misdiagnosis claims are on the rise. Doctors are not giving patients enough time in the office to evaluate the symptoms properly to determine if they point to a case of autism or one of the other many diseases that can mimic the same symptoms. If your child is experiencing these symptoms and your doctor refuses to listen to your claims, you may have grounds for a claim. Autistic misdiagnosis claims not only include those that have been neglected to be diagnosed, but also those that have been overmedicated in the case of milder forms of autism.

Unlike many other child related illnesses, autism has different levels of effectiveness, but even the mildest case of autism deserves to be treated properly. Your child’s health is the most important aspect of their everyday lives and a misdiagnosis can not only effect their home life, but their ability to learn as well. Make your claim as soon as possible to ensure that time does not take its toll on the investigation. If you have a claim of autistic misdiagnosis, you are not the only one, so act as soon as possible.

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