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Back Injury Compensation Claim

If you want to start a claim for a back accident at work then you should discuss your case with a lawyer specialising in back accident claims such as Tylers Solicitors. This will ensure that your claim has the best chance of success because we have the competence and professional expertise required to process a claim for back injuries.

If you want to proceed with your back accident injury compensation claim then you should call Tylers Solicitors freephone on 0800 699 0079 and we can then proceed to talk you through your back accident injury compensation claim. Alternatively, if you are on your mobile phone, you can call 0333 577 0320, which is free to call with free minutes on your mobile phone.

It has been reported by several different medical journals that as many as 70 to 80% of all adults will experience a form of back injury in their lifetime. Where most of these injuries are minor injuries obtained through over exertion of the lower back, some of these injuries are quite serious leading to prolonged pain, surgery, and permanent suffering. Understanding rights for a back injury may help you to get the compensation you deserve.

What are the most common back injuries?

There are several different back injury conditions which can occur. These injuries can be within a number of places on the back (spine, erector spinae, Trapezius, lumbosacral muscles, and nervous system for example). Most commonly, the back suffers injury from:

  • Sprains
  • Muscle Strain
  • Herniated Disks
  • Inflammation of a nerve
  • Trauma to the back or spine
  • Tailbone injuries
  • Whiplash Trauma

This is but a brief list but does cover the most common back pains. All injuries should be treated, and if you feel that your back injury was the cause of negligence, you should file a claim.

Do I have grounds for my claim?

A back injury which was sustained on a job where proper safety practices and procedures were not implemented in order to reduce the risk of such injury may have grounds for a negligence claim. Even if safety equipment is available which may have reduced the risk of injury, you may have grounds for a claim if not trained in the proper practices and procedures for using such safety equipment.

If you have sustained a back injury on the job due to faulty safety equipment or from the negligence of a manager or co-worker which elevated your probability for sustaining your current injury, you may have grounds for a claim.

Those which have been involved in direct trauma to the back, spine, or neck region (such as a car wreck or from having something fall directly onto the back) due to someone else’s negligence have grounds for a claim.

If you have undergone surgery on your back and your back condition has worsened including but not limited to inflammation of the spinal discs, a decrease in flexibility, the inability to lift your arms properly, neck pain, or the inability to sit or stand for prolonged periods of time you may have grounds for a claim.

Individuals which have been misdiagnosed on their back injury or did not receive the full diagnosis as to the severity of their back injury from a medical staff, practitioner or doctor may have grounds for compensation.

If you or a family member is currently undergoing physical therapy for a back trauma and the nurse, nurse’s assistant, medical staff, practitioner, or doctor has not shown the proper consideration to your current back injury which has resulted in prolonging, amplifying, or adding to your back condition, especially if the nurse, nurse’s assistant, or medical staff member is not licensed in physical therapy and back trauma, then you have grounds for a claim.


As so many adults suffer from back trauma, it is important to file your claim as quickly as possible. There are tight stipulations as to when and how to file your compensation claim. Our team of professionals will work with you to ensure that these claims are filed within the allotted time. The longer you wait to file your claim, the less likely you are to win your case.

Cases of negligence must show that the situation could have been avoided if preventive measures were taken. If the injury to your back was caused because you avoided policies and procedures, you will most likely not win your case. However, if you followed the practices and procedures and still sustained a back injury, even though you caused the injury to your back, you may have a compensation claim if the practices and procedures are found to be faulty.

If you are suffering from back injury, you should continue to follow the advice of your medical staff, practitioner, or doctor. Never try to elevate your back injury in hopes of greater compensation. Your health is more important.

Please note that compensation claims are based upon the duration of the injury in relationship to the severity of the injury. Minor sprains and tissue damage will not see the same margin of compensation as those which are paralysed from a back injury.

We are here to help you

If you have any questions regarding the filing of a back injury claim please contact us. Our years of professionalism and experience are here to help you make the right decision as to how, when, and which claim to file in order for you to get the compensation that you deserve.

Maybe you injured your back so severely that you required time off and lost out on pay as a result. Get in touch with our solicitor team if you believe you have a claim and ask any questions you feel necessary. Common back injuries that occur in the workplace are caused from:

  • Heavy lifting
  • Twisting at the waist whilst lifting a heavy load
  • Working in uncomfortable positions
  • Slipping on a wet floor
  • Sitting or standing in one position for a long period of time

Our team understand that it must be difficult to suffer from an injury of this kind so you need an experienced team to guide you. We have a vast amount of experience and have shown support to many clients through similar claims so they receive the compensation that they are entitled to.

Here is a list of common back problems that can lead to living a difficult and uncomfortable life.

Get in touch with our professional solicitor team on (freephone): 0800 699 0079 to get the best legal advice possible. Remember we work on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ arrangement and are always available to answer any of your questions.

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