Bedsore Injury Claims

Commonly suffered by hospital patients, bed sores have a tendency to arise due to medical negligence occurring when staff members fail to fulfil medical duties providing poor health care causing further damage to ones health.

Understanding the levels of trust patients install in health care services; the law works in protecting patients from any further health damage ensuring the health care received here in the United Kingdom is of the best quality. In protection of British citizens, poor healthcare issues are a liability offence and sufferers are eligible to claim compensation. For more information on how we, here at Tyler’s Solicitors, can help you claim the compensation you deserve: contact us today on our freephone line 0800 699 0079.

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Bed sore injuries, also known as ‘pressure ulcers’ are an injury which wears down the skin and the skins underlying tissue after a patient is left to lie on one side of the body for a long period of time. Ranging in levels of severity, bed sore injuries can come in the form of discoloured skin patching to open wounds exposing muscle or skeletal bones in patients.

Could I Be Eligible to Claim Compensation for a Bed Sore Injury?

You’re eligible to claim compensation on behalf of yourself or a family member who’s suffered medical negligence in the form of bed sores as they’re an injury acquired due to faults beyond your control.

There’s often a little confusion around the time frame in which ones eligible to claim compensation for bedsore injuries. In actual fact, when filing a compensation claim, an individual is eligible to claim up to 3 years after diagnosis.

Bedsore or pressure ulcer compensation claim processes can go on for varied time periods. It’s difficult to predict how long exactly a claim would take to process however, here at Tyler’s solicitors, we have the knowledge skill and expertise to put together the strongest cases possible which is why we’re the number one solicitor firm of the North West.

Are There Different Types of Bed Sore Injuries?

Bed sore injuries come in various forms ranging in severity. Bed sore injuries develop when a high level of pressure is mounted to an area of the body or skin over a short period of time or when less pressure is applied over an extensive time period.

There are many types of bed sore injuries that you can be subjected to, the most common being injuries tending to appear around the hip bones areas resulting in the over laying muscles being affected developing painful wounds ranging in severity.

Other commonly affected areas include:

  • Muscles overlying the tail bone
  • Lower back muscles
  • Back of the head
  • Elbows

Each depending on the section of the body the patients left to lay on for an extensive time period.

Who Is Most at Risk of Suffering Bed Sore Injuries?

Bedsore injuries are most common among the elderly generation as when pressure is applied, it restricts blood flow causing tissue damage therefore ageing skin is more vulnerable to bedsore injuries although they can occur at any age.

Where Can I Find More Information Regarding Bed Sore Injuries?

Tyler’s Solicitors: your number one solicitors for medical negligence claims are only a phone call away. We’re here, ready and waiting to guide you through your bedsore compensation claim: supporting you every step of the way.

Having dealt with various claims of this nature, we’re educated and equipped with extensive knowledge on bedsore injury claims, offering impartial information advice and guidance on claims of this nature.

How Can I Make a Compensation Claim for a Bed Sore Injury?

Bedsore injuries can make patients vulnerable to further infection or injury. Medical negligence is simply unacceptable which is why, here at Tyler’s Solicitors we want to help. Here at Tyler’s Solicitors, we’re passionate about looking after those who are vulnerable and go the extra mile to ensure you’re cared for and compensated fully which is why people in there hundreds trust us to look after their compensation claims.

Every journey starts with a first step: claim the compensation you deserve for medical negligence which wasn’t your fault; with a team of solicitors who care. Contact Tyler’s Solicitors today for more information.