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Arm Injury

Have you injured your bicep through no fault of your own and you are carrying on in discomfort? Then call Tylers Solicitors today on 0800 699 0079, and we can talk you through your claim. There are cases where one gets a bicep injury at work while going on with the day to day duties. Besides, you could be injured in an accident or even while on holiday. In such cases, it is advisable to seek for compensation. This is because the injury might be too serious that you are unable to work to provide for your needs. Besides, you might not be productive as you were before the bicep injury. Some injuries can leave you paralysed hence compensation is necessary.

How much compensation can you claim?

As far as bicep injury compensation claim is concerned, the amount that one can receive mostly depends on the nature extent of the injury. You must see a solicitor who is in a position to assess the whole situation and finally determine the amount.

How to tell the symptoms and how to get diagnosed

Biceps brachii muscles allow the arm to be flexible enough to move in various directions. The biceps injury often occurs in the biceps tendon in the area where it gets attached. In some cases, one can get injured after a previous injury on the shoulder or other parts around the biceps. Even doctors agree that its diagnosis is not easy because the pain can be due to other factors, in particular for an older patient. This explains why the clinical pictures are not enough to give a clear indication of the bicep injury. However, in the case of an injury, the glenoid labrum will tear, there will be fractures and strain on the subscapularis.

Are you a No Win No Fee Claims’ solicitor?

Yes, we are a no win no fee claims solicitor. Our main aim is to protect our claimants from suffering any financial loss even as they are pursuing compensation. If you lose your claim, you are not entitled to any compensation. However, you will not lose too much even after seeking legal services because you will not be charged any legal fees. This is where your injury solicitor comes in handy to enable the insurance sort things out.

Where can I find out more information?

You need not worry whenever you get a bicep injury because there are many sources to get help if you are looking for compensation. There are plenty of qualified solicitors who can help go through the compensation process. One of the easiest ways is to check online for information about bicep injury compensation claim. You will get contacts of qualified legal advisors and solicitors to help you make your compensation claim. This gives you an easier time in deciding how to go about the whole process.

How to make a compensation claim

The biceps injury compensation claim in the UK could be for a personal injury or workplace injury. Personal injury as the name suggests is that which occurs during your personal engagements or activities. On the other hand workplace injury is that which occurs when one is at work. In addition to that, if you get an illness over time as a result of the work you do, that can be termed as a workplace injury. The first step is to contact a solicitor to find out whether your bicep injury is entitled to compensation. This will help you know whether to go on pursuing the claim or not. Once you have established that you are entitled to a claim, the solicitor guides you through the whole process. Solicitors assess your claim and know how to maximise it so that you get a fair compensation.

Are you a no win no fee compensation claim solicitor?

We will help you recover millions as compensation when you get a bicep injury because we deal with accident and personal injuries. All claims can be made on no win no fee basis. We help you with compensation claim in case of holiday accidents, road accidents, workplace accident and road accident.

How long until I can claim?

It is advisable to always seek the services of a solicitor for a claim as soon as you get the bicep injury. This should be at least within that week or a few weeks after the injury. This allows the solicitor to properly assess the case and add up the costs to be incurred in the treatment. Waiting for too long can make you lose chances of getting a proper compensation. Once the case is settled, it might take a while before you get your compensation claim. An insurance company can take long to make the pay but once 30 days have passed that’s way too long, and you will have to find out why. If the insurance fails to make the compensation in 60 days, you can sue charges against them, and they will be fined.

Many people have benefitted from the bicep injury compensation claim regardless of age or race because everyone is entitled to that. Therefore, you should not be hesitant to seek services of a solicitor because the earlier you do it, the better. Besides, you will have a higher chance of winning the case. Always make everything clear to the solicitor so that it makes it easier to assess your situation and determine the right amount for your compensation.

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