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If you have resulted in an infected body piercing that needed surgery or medical attention in one way or another and you believe it was not your fault then you could be eligible to make a compensation claim. If this sounds like you then please do not delay and call Tylers Solicitors today on 0800 699 0079 where we can help you through to a compensation claim you are entitled to.

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It doesn’t necessarily matter where your body piercing was carried out and which part of the body you have pierced, the matter of fact is, it is more common than you think to pierce parts of the body to which some areas of your body are far more susceptible to risk increases of infection , skin disfigurement or illness as a result of infection.

The bio science behind piercing the body

When the body is cut, it is a natural process for the body to start to repair the wound.  Known as proteins, fibrin is needed to work with the blood platelets and plasma to form a temporary protective covering to what we call a scab. When the body is pierced, the scab will form around the object piercing the skin while the cells work to regenerate underneath the protective layer. Without the cells producing a scab, the body is then susceptible to infection. So the scab plays an important role to the healing and protection of a body piercing.

Body piercing can go wrong

Many do not think of the consequences of piercing because they think it won’t happen to them. By following the cleaning instructions, you expect the piercing to heal as expected? Wrong.  There are also a number of factors that can increase your risk of developing a serious infection or hospital treatment that are sadly out of your control. unfortunately not all parts of your body have the same layers of skins and tissue mass.  For example, your earlobe is made up of a matrix of collagen like protein molecules that make up the cartilage, which makes it reasonably safe to pierce.

Depending which part of your body you have chosen to pierce, will depend on the risks and sensitivity. The risks involved are to do with the practice and method used by body piercers. Many men and women are visiting tattoo parlours unaware of the inexperience or negligent practices used by a so called body piercer, which can cause severe damage to customers.

What can cause body piercing injuries?

Unfortunately some body piercers are trading and carrying out body piercing services without being compliant to health safety practices towards body piercing. Commonalities like dirty needles or using piercing guns will often result in bacterial infections, which in worse cases, lead to blood poisoning which is very serious. Catching an infection can happen as soon as the skin starts to heal the wound. If you start to suspect an infection, you may see:

  • Your skin change colour
  • Form as cysts and keloids (raised scars) on the skin.
  • The skin will feel sore and painful
  • Start to experience fever or illness

These symptoms are classic to even a wound on the body, but if you have recently committed to a body piercing and experience any of the symptoms, seek medical attention immediately where you may need to be tested for serious diseases of the blood, including hepatitis B or C, tetanus and even HIV.

How much body piercing compensation can be claimed?

If your medical problem was caused by your body piercing, you can potentially be compensated for medical expenses, time off work and travel expenses. This compensation would be in the amount of your actual documented expense. But you can also be compensated for pain and suffering, which in body piercing compensation claims can be as high as £3000.

Other types of piercing also generally take longer to heal than earlobe piercings. Each different type of piercing has its own healing time. The longer the healing time, the greater the risk of infection and the greater the need to keep the piercing site clean.

Who are the British Body Piercing Association?

The British Body Piercing Association is a self regulatory guideline to help those trading to commit to the promotion, health and safety, education and dissemination of information about Body Piercing. Its members have demonstrated their skills in both practical and theoretical examinations, have agreed to a code of ethics, practices and procedures and to uphold a minimum level of standards for safety, hygiene, sterilisation and duty of care towards clients. Your body piercer should have this logo prominently displayed in their place of work which shows those who are practicing, are committed to compliance.

What type of solicitor will help me claim against botch body piercing?

Many personal injury solicitors operate with a ‘no win, no fee’ claims decision. They will handle your body piercing compensation claim if they believe they can win.  This means you do not have to pay anything upfront and should you win, the costs are claimed on top.

Where can I find out more information?

As a UK solicitor, we are best placed to advise you. If you have just decided to claim and your piercing to your body was carried out in the last 3 years, you are entitled to make a claim with Tylers Solicitors.

What to do to repair damaged or scarred tissue

If you have resulted in scarred tissue as a result of a botched body piercing you can have re-constructive surgery. (Ear Reshaping)

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How do I make a compensation claim?

Personal injury solicitors Tyler Solicitors are specialised in all legal aspects of compensation claims for personal injury, including those that were caused by a body piercing. Get the justice you deserve.

How long until I can claim?

Our claims procedure is quick and easy to start. By calling us on our FREE PHONE numberemail using our claim form or chat with us. We are here to help you.