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Can I Claim Compensation Following an Accident at Booths’ Supermarkets?

Since the doors of Booths opened in June 1847, they have quickly become a supermarket providing high quality produce within an attractive environment with first class service.

Booths attract thousands of customers each week as it is one of the most popular retailers of food and drink in the North-West, but like any other retailers, there will be occasions when their customers suffer an accident. Despite it being awarded first class customer service provisions to its customers there will be times due to either an oversight or a lack of vigilance where an accident in one of the Booths supermarkets will occur which could have been avoided with more care and attention.

If you are one of many people that have unfortunately sustained an injury, no matter how small or severe you may be entitled to a compensation claim. We have the experience and expertise to guide you through an initial call to help you every step of the way to help you get compensation rewarded that you deserve.

What Should Booths’ Supermarket Do After I’ve Suffered a Booths Injury?

Regardless of how you sustained your injury in Booths, (fall, trip, and slip) first consideration should be given to your health. While a representative of Booths will ensure that you are ok to walk and not too seriously injured you should seek external medical attention as soon as possible. This could prove to be valuable evidence when making a claim against Booths. Even if you feel you are well enough and don’t need medical attention, it is recommended that a quick trip to your doctors is undertaken. Remember your health is the priority after an accident at Booths or any other supermarket.

Not all of your symptoms may become apparent straight after an injury, especially a head injury which is why it is extremely important that you seek medical attention before your condition worsens. It could have an impact on how much compensation you could receive if your ignorance to your injury is a factor. It is also worth noting that no compensation can make up for any lifelong health problems that you have to deal with so ensure you take action straight away.

Why Should I Make a Compensation Claim Against Booths?

Booths like any other supermarket have a duty of care to all of its customers. They must ensure they offer their customers a safe environment at all times and that their shops are welcoming. While accidents can happen, a slip that is due to a leaking fridge or a trip over a pallet left in the middle of an aisle are all justifiable reasons you should be making a claim against Booths today.

Do not suffer in silence; you should take action today. Speak to a Tylers Solicitors representative who will be more than happy to talk about your claim. Just call us today on 0800 699 0079 for further assistance.