Broken Jaw Compensation Claims

When you think of a broken jaw, do you have the image of a displaced mandible? While this can be one of the ways in which a jaw can be broken, there are times when the mandible (lower jaw) or the mandibular (upper jaw) become fractured without dislocation. If you believe that you have a broken jaw. Here are a few things that you should know.

Know The Symptoms

A broken jaw may not be visible on the surface. However, there may be symptoms which arise. Should you have any of these symptoms seek medical attention immediately. Signs of a broken jaw include:

  • Swelling of the upper or lower jawbone
  • Bleeding of the gums
  • Misalignment of the teeth
  • Popping in the Jaw
  • Pain when the jaw is moved
  • Inability to move the jaw
  • Broken or missing teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Bruising of the jaw
  • These are the main symptoms. If you have any additional pains or concerns, seek diagnosis.
  • Get X-ray proof

The first step in a Broken Jaw claim is to get medical attention for your injuries. Your health is the most important thing and so you should seek the treatment of your jaw from a licensed doctor, nurse, or practitioner. The professional who sees you should conduct X-rays of your jaw. Keep the documentation for your visit as well as obtain copies of the X-rays if possible. These will add validity to your claim. Follow the prescribed treatment. Having a broken jaw is painful, especially when you consider the need to talk and eat. The medical professional who diagnoses your broken jaw may give you special instructions to treat the injury. Ensure that you follow these instructions to the letter to avoid further injury.

Additionally, if you are filing a compensation claim for a broken jaw, it will be a critical factor in determining the compensation you are entitled to. Those who have not adhered to the advice of a doctor, nurse, or medical practitioner are far less apt to receive compensation than those which have.

If you believe that the medical diagnosis and treatment is in error, get a second opinion from a licensed professional.

Never attempt to fix your jaw yourself, or to increase the level of the injury for higher compensation. Both are extremely dangerous to your health and can result in the loss of your jaw should infection set in. Those which attempt to heighten their injuries can be subjected to criminal charges.

Are You Entitled to Compensation?

There are many ways in which a person can fracture and/or break his or her jaw. These are but a few of the scenarios which would merit a compensation claim. It is recommended that if you have any inquires as to the validity of your claim that you seek the advice of a compensation claims expert.

If you have fallen due to the negligence of another, whether that is the government’s failure to fix a pave way, inappropriate or non-existing hazard warnings, potholes, spills, and the like, you may have grounds for a claim. Workers who have suffered injury as a result of negligence may have grounds for a claim, especially if the injury was obtained while performing job related tasks and the cause of injury was a breech in security protocol. Victims of an assault may have grounds for a claim so long as he or she was not the instigator of the assault. In such cases, it is beneficial for the victim to have a police report showing that another was responsible for the instigation of the assault as well as the injuries.

Those who have been in a vehicular accident may have grounds for a claim, even if he or she is the responsible party. If the equipment in the car malfunctioned or if the safety devices in the car were not present to prevent the injury you may have a claim. You definitively have grounds for a claim if the automotive manufacturer has already been contacted regarding safety issues with the vehicle.

When Should You File Your Claim?

Compensation claims are time sensitive and so the quicker you file the higher your chances will be that you receive the compensation that you deserve. Documentation and supporting forms must be submitted in a timely manner. The longer that you wait on a claim, the higher the probably that you will not get the compensation that you deserve, or that the statue of limitations on when to file will pass.

Should you have inquires about how to file a Broken Jaw Compensation claim, or if you need to have legal representation to help you file your claim properly, please contact an expert in compensation claims. The professional will be able to review your case and present you with the best options for filing your claim.

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