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As we know, a person’s health is the most valuable asset he or she has. With the ever-rising cases of severe burn injuries in the workplace, knowledge of burn injury claims has become of great importance to all employees. This is because every employer has a duty to put in place adequate health and safety preventive measures against such accidents.

What Can Cause Burn Injuries?

Severe burns occur due to various causes such as contact with hot equipment, fires, electrical burns, chemical burns and radiation burns. Many severe burn injury cases in the UK have been preventable if the correct health and safety measures had been taken.

If an individual finds him or herself in such a case, then Tylers Solicitors can provide the much-needed help in claiming compensation for injuries and loss of earnings among other consequential losses.

Is My Employer To Blame For My Burn Injury At Work?

All employers in the UK are obliged, by law, to provide a suitable safe environment for all workers in the workplace regardless of the type of work being conducted or your position in the workplace. You might wonder what is meant by needless accidents. Some of the most common causes that could have been easily prevented if appropriate measures had been taken include the handling of hot liquids without the use of proper protection, improper usage of corrosive chemicals, dangerous exposure of hot surfaces and unsafe electrical equipment.

What is Classed As A Severe Burn?

Severe burns may affect the body in various ways like burnt or scalded flesh, respiratory burns, facial and eye burns, ligament, tendon or muscle damage, and psychological and emotional effects. Each of these severe burn types can be very serious and may greatly affect a person’s life.

How Much Compensation Could I Get For A Burn Injury Claim?

You may wonder how much you can claim if you’ve suffered a severe burn injury. The amount that a person could potentially receive depends on the extent of the said burn injury, with each case being unique. Such injuries are usually rated on a scale from a first to a third degree. All claims consist of two components. The first is general damages, a compensation payment for a person’s injuries and sufferings while the other one is special damages, financial losses that is a direct result to a person’s injury. Severe burns to one’s face could attract a compensation of up to £64,000 while less severe ones could result to being awarded up to £6,000.

How Long Can It Take To Receive Compensation For A Burn Injury At Work Claim?

As every case rests on different circumstances, they naturally take different time scales to complete. This is because there are various factors that play a role in determining the duration of a claim such as the severity of the injuries and whether or not fault has been admitted by the other party. There are also a number of things you can do to aid your claim. Firstly is to ensure the accident is immediately reported to the relevant personnel found on site like a health officer. The incident should be recorded in the company’s accident book. A doctor should be seen immediately regardless of how trivial the injury may seem. In addition to these, the affected employee should keep a diary of their injury. It should include things like pain levels, activities that prove to be impossible to carry out and sleeplessness due to the injury. Lastly, it is important to keep a log of all the losses one has incurred as a result of the injury.

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