Who Can File A Bus Passenger Compensation Claim?

Practically anyone who has been involved in an accident on a bus can file a bus passenger accident claim. The key word is that you have to have been a passenger on the bus at the time of the accident and have sustained an injury. The claim which is commonly filed for a bus passenger accident claim is an RTA (Road Traffic Accident).

Should You File A Bus Passenger Compensation Claim?

Determining if you should file a bus passenger compensation claim should be based upon a few factors. You need to first seek legal advice to see if the accident was neglect, a reasonable accident, or an accident caused by another’s neglect.

If you were a passenger on a bus (public or a corporate/private bus) and involved in an accident caused by the negligence of the bus driver and have suffered injuries, you may have grounds for a claim, especially if your injury has been documented by a doctor, nurse, medical staff, or a practitioner.

If you’ve been injured on a bus by the negligence of others, such as another vehicle on the road colliding with the bus you’re travelling on, assault by another passenger or by a pedestrian outside the bus, then you may also be able to claim compensation.

>Any individual which has had to undergo extended medical treatment including but not limited to: Physical therapy, hospitalization, chiropractic services, the use of medical devices (such as neck brace, crutches, and casts), and prescriptions may have grounds for a claim.

>Persons who have had a family member fatality due to being a passenger involved in a bus accident definitively have grounds for a claim, especially if your loved one had no existing medical conditions and the accident was caused by gross neglect.

Examples of Accidents

One can be injured in many different ways when travelling on a bus. Scenarios can include

  • Collision with another vehicle or a building, causing the passenger to be thrown from their seat. This can result in head injuries, such as concussion, as well as other bodily injuries.
  • Windows smashed by third parties whilst passenger is seated next to it
  • Vehicle maintenance problem causing the bus to malfunction and cause injury to those onboard
  • Passenger slip, trip or fall from faulty bus furniture or spillages

Considerations When Making A Claim

Compensation claims are based upon the time in which you file the claim in relationship to the time of the accident. The longer you wait to file the less likely you will be to receive compensation. Keep in mind also that the compensation is dependent upon a number of factors such as whether or not the injury sustained is acute or critical, the duration or expected duration of the injury and treatment, and the extent of the negligence which caused the collision. Our team will work with you to file the proper documentation needed for your claim in the proper time.

If you’ve received any injury as a result of a bus passenger accident, you are strongly encouraged to seek the professional diagnosis of a doctor, nurse, medical staff, or practitioner. If you have already received diagnosis and treatment you should continue to follow the instructions of your medical professional. Keep all documentation and pictures which you may have to support your claim. The more supporting data you have for your claim the more apt you are to receive the compensation that you deserve. Never attempt to extend your injuries in an effort to get more compensation. This is both dangerous to your health as well as illegal.

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