Average Car Accident Settlement for A Car Accident

A common cause of concussion are car accidents. There are a growing number of factors that can come into play when you are wanting to discuss your car accident concussion injury payout. The severity of car accident concussion can vary and the cost of treatment going forward and the length of time that it can take to heal will certainly affect how much your settlement will be.

Concussion is a type of brain injury that can be caused by a bump to the, a sharp jolt or any other trauma to the head. The damage is caused when the brain moves suddenly inside the skull.

A blow to the drivers or passengers head can alter the life of that person as huge medical bills, severe pain and loss of earnings due to being absent from work can cause massive life changes. It is not easy to calculate the amount of compensation you will receive for a concussion injury suffered in a car accident, therefore you will need to prevent all of your evidence to a solicitor who can then make the decision whether or not to proceed with your compensation case.

Concussion can range from mild, moderate to severe where different levels of consciousness can occur. A severe concussion can lead to life altering problems and can sometimes be misdiagnosed. You will need to:

  • Obtain your evidence – such as documents that state how the concussion occurred
  • Photograph of your injuries. A concussion injury may also cause abrasions and lacerations to the head and/or face. Also a photograph of the vehicle damage.
  • Obtain a police report of the accident and try to get the police officer at the scene to give you his notes of the accident.
  • Obtain hospital records and seek notes from your doctor about your injury.
  • Put together your accident note book that shows all damages for past and future medical treatment. Your loss of earnings due to being off work and any future income you will lose.

The victim has 2 years from the actual date of the accident to file their personal injury lawsuit. Your results will improve the sooner you speak to an attorney.

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