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What Counts as A Chemical Injury?

Many people in the UK are employed in heavy industry where they are required to work with dangerous chemicals as part of their work. Employers are required by law to ensure that their employees are protected from the poisonous effects of such chemicals by performing risk assessments on any potentially harmful substances used by their employees.

If they fail to adequately safeguard their workforce by providing them with the proper approved protective clothing and training necessary to do their job safely and without fear of serious physical injury, they could be liable to pay damages to the victims of their negligence. Indeed, with so much dangerous and highly toxic chemicals in use throughout heavy industry and the numbers of people employed in the sector, it is perhaps not surprising that accidents involving dangerous chemicals sometimes happen.

Accidents involving dangerous chemicals are also not only confined to the workplace. In other instances, ordinary members of the public have unintentionally encountered toxic industrial waste which has been carelessly released into the environment through pipes emptying into the sea, rivers or other natural water bodies as well as on sites on land. In other instances, people have been exposed to harmful gaseous emissions released into the air.

What Common Chemicals Can Cause Serious Chemical Injury?

Some of the most common hazardous chemicals encountered by people within and outside the workplace are:

  • Colophony (Rosin) – A pine resin containing the irritant abietic acid used generally by players of string instruments and sportsmen to improve grip.
  • Chromium – A metallic element used in dyes and pigments and well-known for its toxicity and carcinogenic properties. Several chromium compounds are also used as catalysts for processing hydrocarbons.
  • Isocyanates – Commonly used in the manufacture of various pesticides. Despite their relatively low acute toxicities, they are potentially dangerous irritants to the eyes and respiratory tract.
  • Mercury – A metallic element used since ancient times in a wide variety of different areas. Primarily affecting the nervous system as well as other biological systems and extremely toxic especially if swallowed.
  • Benzene – An organic chemical compound used mainly as an intermediate to make other chemicals. Extremely hazardous and toxic and well-known for its carcinogenic properties as well as a notorious cause of bone marrow failure.
  • Chlorine (Bertholite) – A gaseous chemical element used in many industrial and consumer goods, public sanitation, disinfectants and antiseptics. Also known as and is perhaps most commonly known for being used as a poison gas during the First World War.
  • Mercury – Metallic element used in the production of Chlorine and caustic soda, thermometers and as a vapour in neon signs. Extremely toxic if ingested, particularly over long periods of time or absorbed through the skin or mucous membranes or inhaled as a vapour.

These are by no means the only dangerous industrial chemicals that can cause bodily harm if not used correctly if used in the wrong quantities or used correctly but without the correct protective equipment and clothing. However, they are the most frequently reported substances that cause people harm, prompting them to consider the services of solicitors to be adequately compensated for the damage they have suffered that wasn’t their fault.

Why Choose Tylers Solicitors to Represent My Chemical Injury Compensation Claims?

If you or anyone you know has been injured or developed an illness as a direct result of exposure to dangerous chemicals in the workplace due to inadequate protection or anywhere else outside a work environment, you may be eligible for compensation and you may wish to consult a lawyer for further advice regarding your claim and determining the strength of your case. Ensure you keep hold of any documentation which you believe will reinforce your case and increase the likelihood of a successful compensation claim.

What Can I Do To Help My Chemical Injury Compensation Claim Succeed?

If at all possible, you may also wish to compile a more extensive portfolio of evidence by, for example, taking photographs of the hazard involved in causing the injury and retaining any documentation related to the injury or illness for expenses you have incurred as a result. This includes receipts for prescriptions from your GP or photocopies of the prescriptions themselves as well as any evidence of travelling expenses if you have had to travel to medical institutions for treatment of the injury or illness on public transport or receipts for petrol.

Doing all these things will undoubtedly strengthen your case significantly and arm you with all the tools you need to win your case. Whatever health problem you’ve suffered as a result of exposure to hazardous and dangerous chemicals, Tylers are here to help you get the compensation you deserve.

If you have suffered as a result of coming into contact with dangerous chemicals then you may be able to make a claim. Call Tylers today on (freephone): 0800 699 0079 to see if you can make a claim today.