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Suffering from an injury can be life changing and it goes without saying sufferers of Chondromalacia damage can prevent you from living your life the way you want to. Wasn’t your fault?  If this sounds like you then you may be eligible to make a compensation claim. Telephone Tylers Solicitors today on 0800 699 0079 and let us talk you through the process of making your compensation claim for Chondromalacia.

What is Chondromalacia
Chondromalacia refers to softening or damage of the articular cartilage on underneath of a person’s kneecap. The individual thus feels pain and irritation underside or around his or her kneecap. It usually comes from wearing and tearing of the knee joints as well as arthritis as people grow old. However, it can also occur to a young individual who likes exercises due to acute injury. The injury might also occur as a result of muscle weakness, overuse, knee alignment problems, and falls during the regular activities. The damage might be severe or minor thus a person can experience varied degrees of pain depending on the level of injury.

Symptoms and causes of Chondromalacia

The symptoms of Chondromalacia are dull pains around or under the kneecap that increases as one walks down stairs. Some also experience pains while getting out of the chair, bending knee or climbing stairs. It is usually common for the soccer players, skiers, cyclists, and runners. For those who experience minor pain intermittently, physiotherapy can help to treat Chondromalacia by engaging in low-impact exercises that can assist in strengthening the muscles of the inner quadriceps. However, one ought to avoid high impact exercises and jumping. Furthermore, a severe diagnosis can otherwise require surgery to make the articular cartilage surface smooth and clean its fragments.

What are the symptoms of Chondromalacia and how is it diagnosed?

The answer to this involves several pertinent factors that can enable your solicitor to arrive at the ideal compensation you may qualify for.  By establishing the exact location where you sustained the injury, the extent and distinctive nature of the injury and the medical records. Financial valuations for such compensation claims are assessed based on the guidelines compensation law which include damages associated with personal circumstances that have occurred as a result of the injury. As solicitors, we will represent these for claims in your case. Furthermore,  taking into account your age, gender and also the state of your general health before the accident occurred.

How much compensation can I claim for Chondromalacia?

As would be expected you can sustain Chondromalacia damage due to the negligence of others such as in a motorcar accident or even work-related incidents. Therefore, in the law of compensation,  you are entitled to make a compensation claim. To find out how much compensation you could be entitled to use the compensation calculator

Claiming for Chondromalacia with Tylers Solicitors is a straight forward process where we will act on behalf of you. If you have been tested and told that you have Chondromalacia damage, we will need the necessary medical documents to support your case. With your consent we can attain these from your doctors or hospital records.

Tylers Solicitors help people make their knee injury claims every year and with our expertise, they succeed with compensation. For this reason, you can also let us help you make your claim.

Does the claimant pay for the solicitor?

As our commitment to rewarding you with compensation, we are therefore a no win no fee solicitor, so the costs for the legal proceedings, come from the gross compensation, where the costs have come from the other side.

Finding more information on Chondromalacia cases

There are a number of knee injuries that can occur, of which can be hard to diagnosis as there are a number of tendons in the knee anatomy that can be damaged. Whilst seeking professional medical help on your road to diagnosis, online resources you can help you gain peace of mind about your condition or symptoms.  As friendly expert solicitors, we are committed to providing free guidance to anybody that might wish to undertake such legal actions about your condition even if its prior to your diagnosis. To find out more, you can visit www.patient.co.uk/health/chondromalacia-patellae

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