British Coal Vibration White Finger Diagnosis

However, before you start making claims, it’s imperative that you be diagnosed for the condition. This is the first step since there can’t be a claim even if you suspect that you suffer from the condition. A doctor must examine you and document the results of tests or diagnosis that is carried out on you. You will also need to provide your solicitor with enough information which for them to pursue compensation on your behalf. If you posted regular reports in your employers report books, it really helps getting a copy of those records. Provide the attorney with information such as the kind of tools which you use, for how long and the length of breaks, if any. All these evidence will help speed up your claim.

Vibration white finger affects the quality of life which a person lives in many ways. For instance, it may make it hard for the affected person to continue with his or her everyday work and since it develops slowly, more pain and suffering can be suffered much later in life. In extreme conditions, the fingers become white due to reduced blood flow.

Types of British Coal Compensation To Be Claimed

There are 3 main types of compensation which you can file as part of your vibration white finger claims. They are financial losses and expenses, suffering and pain and legal costs. So long a sit can be proven that you have suffered personal injuries due to negligence by another person, you are entitled to compensation. By working with a reputable solicitor in the UK, you can be compensated fairly. Here are some past claims paid.

28 years old Sam , a resident of Liverpool who works in the coal industry for British Coal and suffered Vibration White Finger on one of his middle fingers of the left hand in 2011 but did not suffer disability and sued for compensation. He was paid £7,300 in compensation.

Sandra, 43 years old and a construction worker in Manchester suffered disability to both of her hands. She was treated and doctors were of the opinion that her injuries were as a result of exposure to vibrations at the work place without the necessary protective equipment. She received £33,300 as compensation.

Gregory Bell sued for compensation after suffering numbness and tingling on both of his hands after he started seeing symptoms for Vibration White Finger. It was determined that the condition would affect his ability to work for several years while he undergoes treatment. He contracted a solicitor in Surrey who sued on his behalf and was paid £27,300 in compensation.

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