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What is a fractured collar bone?

A broken collar bone is undoubtedly a painful and debilitating injury to have. It is particularly painful if the injury was not your fault, and you were not to blame for the pain and suffering. This is why you can claim compensation for your loss of earnings and pain. Below you will find some information about what a broken collar bone is, how you can claim compensation for your losses, and how much money a Person Injury solicitor could potentially claim for your suffering.

A broken collar bone refers to the bone, which connects the shoulder to the breast bone. It is one of the most common bones to be injured in an accident in the UK. There are several different types of fractures, which can impact the amount of compensation you will receive. Common types of collar bone fractures include:

Hairline Fractures

A fracture which doesn’t go fully through the bone, and appears to look like a hairline. Many people suffer from these without realising.

A simple fracture

This is a fracture which features a single crack straight through the bone and doesn’t pierce or damage the skin or surrounding tissue. These fractures are often not displaced, and usually, heal in a cast.

Displaced fracture

This fracture is a broken bone which is not aligned at the point of injury. This type of fracture must be re-aligned before a cast is applied.

A compound fracture

A fracture where the bone has shattered in many different places. These are often harder to heal fully.

A stress fracture

These fractures occur over time, due to repeated stresses. These fractures typically occur in sports. Since collarbone fractures are fairly common, they can occur in a multitude of different ways. However, they are more common for those who work in a sporting environment, or who have suffered from a car accident.

A list of common collarbone injuries:

  • Broken Collarbone
  • Fractured Collarbone
  • Clavicle Fracture
  • Dislocated Collarbone
  • Bruised Collarbone
  • Cracked Collarbone
  • Displaced Collarbone

How do you claim compensation for a collarbone injury?

You can claim compensation for a broken collarbone if the injury was obtained in either an accident, an act of violence, or if a professional has failed a duty of care- and are therefore responsible for your injury.

Remember that what you may perceive to be your fault may not be the case in the eyes of the law. For example, if you have tripped an incorrectly applied paving stone, the local council may be held responsible for not ensuring the public highway is safe for pedestrians. Another example could be medical negligence. If you have received inadequate care in an NHS hospital and have thus suffered an injury, the NHS trust may be liable to pay compensation.

If you are unsure about whether or not you are liable to claim compensation for your injury, be sure to contact a personal injury solicitor for impartial advice.

How is compensation calculated for a broken collarbone?

There are two ways in which your compensation is calculated. The first is a loss of amenity. This is a subjective amount of the pain and suffering you have endured due to your injury. There is not set amount here, as it varies from person to person. You will have to undergo a medical examination from a doctor, who will fully analyse your situation, and whether or not you will have any long-term issues.

As a general guide, however, simple collar bone injuries with no ongoing pain typically receive £3000-£4000. More complicated fractures which take longer to heal and lead to ongoing pain typically receive around £4000-£9000.

You are also entitled to claim compensation due to financial losses. These could include:

  • Income you have lost due to recovering from your broke collarbone
  • Any medical expenses you have had to pay out (pain killers, brace/straps, etc.)
  • Nursing care costs, i.e., you can claim for the time spent with your family or friends helping you to recover.

These costs are usually calculated in a more straightforward manner since they only require a break down of earnings and costs. These will be added on to your final compensation claim.

Finally, remember that you are recovering from a serious injury. It is important to get lots of rest and to not overly stress your joints while going through the compensation process, as you may hinder your recovery. Keep any heavy lifting to a minimum, and be sure to always have help on hand if you so need it.

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