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What is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

CRPS, or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, is chronic pain condition that usually affects the body limbs such as the arms, hands, legs, or feet. This is usually after a trauma or an injury to that limb. This is said to be caused by a malfunction of, or damage to, the central and peripheral nervous systems. The central nervous system is made up of the spinal cord and the brain. The peripheral nervous systems involve nerve signalling from the spinal cord and the brain to other parts of the body. It is characterised by excessive or prolonged pain and dramatic or mild changes in the skin colour, as well as high temperatures and swelling of the affected area.

There are two forms of this condition known as CRPS-I and CRPS-II. All of them have the same treatments and symptoms. The symptoms vary in duration and severity. Studies on prevalence and incidence show that a majority of the cases are mild and patients recover slowly with time. In severe cases, patients rarely recover, and usually, have long-term disability.

Who can Suffer from CRPS?

Any person can get complex regional pain syndrome. It can strike a person at any age and affects both women and men. However, the syndrome has been found to be prevalent in women. It has been found to affect person round about 40 years old and very rare in elderly people. It is important to note children who are less than five years cannot get it. Also, it is very rare for children under the age of 10. However, it can be common in teenagers.

What are the Symptoms of Complex Regional Paint Syndrome?

The main symptom is a severe or prolonged pain. It can be constant, severe, and extremely uncomfortable for most people. Usually, the pain feels like a burning ‘pins and needles’ sensation. In other cases, you may feel like another person is squeezing your affected limb. The pain can be spread to the whole leg or arm, or through a precipitating injury that might have been just a toe or finger. There are cases where pain travels to the extreme opposite. This leads to increased sensitivity in the area affected, such that even light contact or touch is very painful.

Patients with CRPS sometimes experience intermittent or constant changes in skin colour, swelling, and temperature of your affected limb. This is because of the abnormal microcirculation as a result of nerve damage meaning it had to control temperature and blood flow. Usually, the affected leg or arm may feel cooler or warmer to your opposite limb. Also, your skin on affected limb changes in colour, becoming pale, red, purple, or blue.

How Much Compensation Could I Be Eligible to Claim?

This greatly varies from one case to another. It depends on some things such as duration of suffering, damaged caused and much more. However, we ensure that you claim the highest amount possible. You have suffered more than enough pain, and we want you to be compensated adequately.

Is Tylers A No-Win, No-Fee Claims Solicitor?

We are dedicated solicitors who are happy to act on your behalf wherever you are in the UK. We use medical reports from various locations. We can work on ‘No win, No fee basis’ and we are happy to help, whether you were involved in a road traffic accident, accident while at work, a slip, or an accident while on holiday. You are free to contact us for a free consultation, without obligation, to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Where Can I Find More Information on Complex Regional Paint Syndrome?

There are many medical information sources about complex regional pain syndrome. You can get information about causes, symptoms, and diagnosis. However, there are limited sources on how to file for compensation and where to find experienced solicitors who can handle the case.

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