What Kinds of Construction Jobs Can Cause Vibration White Finger?

Construction jobs known to cause Vibration White Finger can be a result of long term building site work, road work projects that remove or compact hardcore material using jack hammers and power drills or hydraulic compacter (whacker) for long periods of time, repetitively. Under such condition exposed for a long periods, nerve endings and blood vessels gradually get damaged and with time, blood starts experiencing difficulty flowing through vessels in the body. When blood is not flowing as it should, it begins to be problematic as the fingers, for example, begins to turn white and on the other hand, when the nerve endings become damaged, the sensitivity to touch begins to fade away.

What is Vibration White Finger?

An ugly truth to this condition is that as the power tools are used continuously, the condition gets worse by time. It is, therefore, an employer’s task and responsibility to ensure that there are adequate breaks to reduce over exposure to vibration and anti-vibration gloves are always worn by the persons in question which stop the vibration from travelling through the skin.

How is Vibration White Finger Treated?

Besides, this condition can be brought under control by ensuring that the hands are kept warm by keeping the ambient temperature of the working environment at a very comfortable levels. This can be done so that the blood flows throughout the entire body normally, this is because it is these extremities that experience adverse effects in case of a drop in temperatures.

For those who smoke, this condition can be in effect unknowingly as with time, blood thickens with every cigarette taken leading to decreased blood flow the reason why cold is normally felt at the extremities of the body fingers and toes included. Where vibration is experienced while working, this decreased blood flow can act as a catalyst for damage to vital organs responsible for vibration white finger.

How Can I Make a Construction Job Vibration White Finger Claim?

If in case you are confident that your employer is guilty of exposing you to excess vibration that you are now suffering from vibration white finger, you should be in a position to speak to a specialist solicitor about making a claim.

It is a recommendation that you do so as soon as you experience the symptoms of the life limiting condition as under compensation law, there are only 3 years to start a claim. There are hotlines for the relevant authorities you can dial to contact them in order for you to get the relevant information on what you would like to do next to pursue a compensation claim. Solicitors work nationally and vary rarely need to meet you in person, which can be difficult for you can visit the relevant websites and read the frequently asked questions and by so doing, you will be equipped with all the information you need to carry out a compensation claim.

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