Cricket is among the most popular sports in England and surrounding countries. It has some copies throughout the world, but the game of cricket can be linked to as far back as the 15th century. It is an old game, but no less enjoyable. There is however a significant amount of risk to the players when they engage in a game in which a ball is thrown to a player and then hit by a racket with little more than padding. The truth of the matter is that Cricket is quite risky and is currently ranked 5th among sports related injuries worldwide.

How Common Are Cricket Injuries?

The statistics of cricket injuries are dependent upon where the sport is being played along with the precautions taken to prevent injury. It is estimated that 2.6 injuries occur for every 10,000 hours of play on average. Australian players tend to have a greater risk with approximately 24.2 injuries for every 10,000 hours of play. In South Africa, the claims are that roughly 49% of players will suffer some form of injury during their playing lifetime. In the UK 2 out of every 100 players will actually die from injuries related to cricket, so for those who claim that the sport is not very risky, the statistics prove otherwise.

What Kinds of Cricket Injuries Could I Suffer From?

The list of injuries that can and have happened during a cricket game are quite extensive and are far too many to mention. Here are just a few of the injuries that are possible while playing the sport of cricket that could warrant an injury claim.

Can I Claim For Cricket Injuries to My Legs?

There is a lot of running and jumping within the sport of cricket. The agility of a player makes him an asset to any team by quick turns and twisting of the body. Movements such as these can and will cause injuries to the lower extremities of the body. Broken bones and twisted ankles along with hip injuries have been reported between 22% and 50% of all the injuries reported.

Can I Claim for Damage to my Fingers and Arms?

Cricket is not just a sport that you have to run a lot. You must be able to throw, catch, and hit as well, so there is some risk to the fingers and arms of any player in any position on the field. Broken bones from falls trying to catch the ball or even broken fingers from a player either missing a catch or getting hit by the ball from the bowler are some of the most common injuries to players. They account for between 19% and 35% of all cricket related injuries.

Is It Possible to Claim for Head, Neck and Facial Injuries?

Some of the less common, but more serious injuries within the sport of cricket are that of the face, head, and neck. Injuries of these parts of the body can have a severe impact on the livelihood of the afflicted throughout their life. Injuries such as these often require surgery and can sometimes end up costing a player their cricket career as medical science is only able to do so much to heal the injury to such a sensitive part of the body. Between 5% and 25% of players will experience an injury such as these while playing cricket.

Can I Claim for Collision Injuries?

It is not uncommon to have two people collide while on the cricket field. With the ball going in so many directions and everyone attempting to keep their eye on it, other people can fade from view. That can and will cause two players to collide with one another, a player to trip and fall, or even a collision with the boundary fence. Collision injuries can take a player completely out of a game or out of all games for life depending on the severity of the crash.

Am I Able to Claim For Indirect Cricket Injuries?

When beginning play of any sport, it is wise to stretch out the body properly, but often, the excitement of the impending game will cause some players to neglect a stretch. This can cause injuries from simply running on the field or turning their bodies the wrong way to catch the ball.

Can I Make a Claim For Overuse Cricket Injuries?

Any player will tell you that there is a limit as to how much physical abuse the body can take. A player is supposed to properly rest their bodies between games, but an overexertion of cricket play can and will cause injuries to the body. Body tissues can break down causing the player pain and suffering.

Am I Eligible to Make a Claim for Cricket Injury?

A cricket related injury is something you should always pay attention to. Coaches and players often force others to stretch beyond their limit when they think it is best for the team and injuries do happen. There is not time to waste if you have suffered a cricket injury because there may be a time limit on your ability to file a claim. Your life is too important to allow a cricket injury to keep you down, so contact your local attorney today and let them help you file your claim to get the compensation you deserve.

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