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Criminal Injuries

These are injuries caused when there is a criminal experience like intentional fire, mugging, burglary, rape and various forms of violence. They may result in bodily injuries, mental trauma or even death. Victims can file criminal injuries compensation claims and receive deserved payments provided they prove innocence and injuries sustained.

What types of criminal injuries can you claim for?

There are specific injuries categorised according to the Criminal Injury Compensation Act for compensation eligibility. One can claim compensations for pain and suffering, loss of income (past and future), loss of living standards, medical and psychological expenses as well as other additional expenses such as damage to clothing, transportation to hospitals and such. Surviving victims are the ones eligible to claim compensation. However, close relatives, such as spouse, parent, step-parent, grandparent, grandchild, child and stepchild, of a deceased victim from criminal violence can also apply for compensation. Injuries may be caused by brutal attacks or forceful exposure to hazardous surroundings.

How much compensation can you claim?

The amount of money one can successfully claim for a criminal injury is capped according to different classes. However, exact figures vary substantially depending on each individual case. Usually, one can file for inconveniences such as loss of earnings and working time as well as compensation for all medical expenses including transportation and visits to the doctor. The psychological aspects and enjoyment of life can be overwhelming to quantify. Generally, victims are paid depending on the dates and time periods the offense occurred in addition to evidence of extra expenses. Since 2004, victims can receive up to £75,000. For offenses between 1991 and 2003, victims receive £50,000 while dates earlier than that receive from £2,000 to £20,000.

Symptoms and diagnosis?

The symptoms of criminal injuries are quite straightforward and conspicuous. They include physical evidence of violence such as bruises, cuts and incisions, black-eyes, blisters and sores, broken bones, bleeding and unconsciousness among others. Victims of criminal injury should seek immediate attention from professional doctors who can then diagnose symptoms and detail all injuries. Reports and receipts from the doctor usually serve as strong evidence of suffering criminal injuries. Severe cases should be rushed to the closest health facility to help prevent deaths and stabilise the victim.

No win no fees solicitation and more information

When looking to make criminal injuries compensation claims, it is advisable to go for a no-win-no-fee service. This arrangement means there is no payments given to lawyers representing you in court in case the judgment is lost and no compensation is awarded. There are many such solicitors and victims should compare a couple before settling on the best option. For more information on solicitation and lawyer services, visit official websites of the lawyers or ask for referrals from friends and family lawyers.

Making compensation claims and duration to wait

Victims are allowed to make compensation claims for cases reported to the police within three years of the incident. If the claim is not made within this period, victims are still able to avail their claims although additional extension reports will be needed. To make compensation claims, ensure all the evidence on injuries sustained, income lost and related expenses is gathered and given to the lawyers. Choose a no-win-no-fee service and let the solicitors win the case in court.

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