Delphi Food Recall and Personal Injury Claims

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Delphi food recall and personal injury claims

The FSA recently issued a food labelling alert in relation to Delphi Food dips and salads. The reason for this warning is the mislabelling of a number of products which means that customers may not be able to identify allergens in foods. The mislabelling of the package means that customers with soya, sesame and wheat or gluten intolerances may have been exposed to risk by eating these products. As soon as the labelling error was discovered, the company issued an alert to the FSA, and there was a recall of certain products which may be affected by this problem.

Product recalls

There are several different products affected by the recall, including both bean and white cheese salad, and puy lentil and couscous salad, and both falafel with houmous dip and taramasalata dip. The white cheese salad contains soya, the falafel with houmous contains sesame, and both the lentil and couscous salad and the taramasalata dip contain wheat. None of these ingredients are listed on the label, which means that it has had to be withdrawn. The affected use by date is 7 January 2017, along with a range of batch codes which concerned customers should research. Customers who have the relevant pots should return them to the store in order to obtain a full refund. The FSA also advise customers with intolerance to avoid eating these products.

Risks for customers

There are several risks for customers in being exposed to this type of contamination. Anyone with intolerances knows they have to be very careful about what they are eating, and often have to check labels in order to make sure that the food is not made using an allergen. Incorrect labelling can mean that customers are eating a food which they have deliberately tried to avoid, and can cause issues such as stomach complaints, rashes, hives, or in some cases severe anaphylactic shock. This can cause the sufferer to be hospitalised, and may cause some long-term issues.

Personal injury

Food manufacturers have a duty in the UK to clearly label any foods which may be considered an allergen, and the fact that Delphi Foods have failed to do this may mean that they are open to personal injury lawsuits. If you believe that you have been injured due to the mislabelling of Delphi Foods, then you should seek legal advice as early as possible in order to establish your complaint, and the liability of the manufacturer.