Diffuse Axonal Injury Compensation Claim

Diffuse axonal injury is one of the most widespread types of traumatic brain injuries. Knowing what to do in the event of such an occurrence is important. The result of such an injury can be very severe and many victims eventually succumb to the trauma. There are no specific treatments administered to a person who has suffered in this way.

The standard procedures carried out when the trauma occurs are the reduction of intracranial pressure and general stabilisation of the patient. In cases were they gain consciousness, rehabilitation is necessary. The main problem related to this brain injury is the fact that it is not concentrated on a single point but widespread in the brain.

What are the Causes of Diffuse Axonal Injuries And How Can They Be Diagnosed?

If you have been the victim of a diffuse axonal injury, it is important to contact the solicitors for assistance. The main causes of the injury are vehicular accidents, sports injuries, trips, falls and acts of violence. The brain in such an event may move within the skull in a forward and back motion. The result is a severely wounded brain that is potentially fatal. The axons of nerve cells are disrupted and consequently, communication to the brain is cut off. The brain tissues may shear and the subsequent lesions will cause unconsciousness or the brain will remain in a vegetative state. It is also important to note that this type of brain injury can occur even without an accident or a direct blow to the head occurring. Repeated acceleration and deceleration can cause the injury.

The main symptom experienced in the event of the diffuse axonal injury is unconsciousness. If an injury occurs, it is essential that you get a proper diagnosis. Often, people remain ignorant of a brain injury even after a traumatic event. There are many ways to determine the extent of an injury. The most common procedure is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). There are other methods including the CT scan and the EEG but the most reliable way is the MRI. If you do have a traumatic brain injury, you should seek legal advice from a solicitor. Even without the positive diagnosis, if you have been in a traumatic situation that would have led to such an injury and are experiencing the symptoms such as spells of unconsciousness, it is best to still contact them for advice.

Can I Get Diffuse Axonal Injury Compensation for Negligence?

There are different levels of traumatic brain injuries. Whether the case is severe or not, the effects of the diffuse axonal injury are often long-term. Compensation is warranted in such cases due to the negative short-term and long-term effects. If the victim has severe trauma, the medical bills and the general care required is extremely expensive. If a family member is unconscious or in a vegetative state due to traumatic brain injury, it is important to get the relevant information on compensation.

Often, these occurrences are due to negligence by other individuals or companies. The amount paid in compensation will cover for medical bills, rehabilitation clinics, loss of earnings after the injury and for the suffering experienced. Traumatic brain injury may be as a result of a work-related injury, negligent drivers or other violent acts or accidents. Legal representation from the solicitors will ensure that you are fairly compensated by the responsible party.

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