Dislocated Knee Cap Compensation

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It doesn’t necessarily matter how you dislocated your knee cap, the point in the matter is, this can alter your life and work circumstances.

The patella is designed to be flexible for manoeuvring. Two important tendons known as the patella and quadricep link up the patella to the leg which allows expand and contract. When a patella dislocation occurs, the knee cap is not broken or torn, it instead moves and locks under the femoral trochlea. Most dislocations are able to be manipulated back into the socket.

When Can I Claim For A Dislocated Kneecap?

Sometime, dislocation can happen unexpectedly, but when its as a result of an accident, the circumstances change. Knee injuries are common amongst slip trips and falls, car accidents and work accidents.

Like any knee injury the pain injured can have repercussions mentally and physically. However the injuries maybe temporary and may not require surgery and in most circumstances, recovery to using the knee normally without pain can be around 6 weeks, usually with a course of physiotherapy.

What are the Symptoms of A Dislocated Kneecap?

Many injuries can occur in the knee region, however upon diagnosis, it shouldn’t be hard to distinguish that you may have a dislocated kneecap because it usually looks disformed. If your kneecap is one of many injuries, the correct call of action is to call for emergency medical help. If your accident happened in a workplace, it is paramount that your accident should be logged in the accident book, however, if later you find your accident wasn’t logged, this won’t effect your chances of claiming compensation. Furthermore, your medical records detailing your injuries more often than not do provide substantial evidence to your claim.

You can claim for a dislocated kneecap should you suspect:

  • You Hear a Cracking Noise.
  • The Kneecap May Feel Out of Place.
  • The Surrounding Tissue Swells Up.
  • The Kneecap Is Extremely Painful.
  • You Are Unable To Walk.

What are the Most Common Causes of a Dislocated Kneecap?

  • Knocked Whilst Walking or Crossing The Road – Vehicle and pedestrian collisions can happen between a person and a motorbike, car, taxi or van. As a result of heavy impact, your legs and knee can become severely damaged in which can result a dislocation or fracture of your knee. Any injury sustained can be claimed with your compensation amount.
  • Knocked Whilst Cycling – Cyclists can be down down by a car, van or taxi as a result of passing traffic, overtaking or failing to stop. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents in 2011, 3,000 cyclists were seriously injured on UK roads. Whilst injuries sustained will all require varying degrees of hospital treatment, all financial and treatments can be claimed.

In case any of these situations happen, the most recommended step to take is to contact a dislocated knee cap solicitor. The solicitor will be experienced, and will know how to handle the given problem.

How Much Compensation Could I Claim for a Dislocated Knee Injury?

Your dislocated knee can be classed under a number of classifications depending where you sustained your dislocation injury or who was at fault. The classification on your injuries can depend on:

  • How Permanent or Recurring Your Injury Is
  • The Level of Trauma Involved
  • The Level of Treatment Required
  • Whether Any Future Treatment or Surgery Will Be Required
  • The Severity of Any Disfigurement
  • If Your Mobility is Affected
  • Changes to Your Quality of Life

Minor injuries with complete recovery can estimated in the region of £9,200 whilst minor injuries with incomplete recovery can accumulate to £11,000 – £18,000.

Who Will Pay Your Solicitor’s Legal Costs?

As a no win no fee claim, you do not pay anything to our legal team to start your claim. As our commitment to you by rewarding you with compensation, we fight hard to achieve a outcome for your knee damage. The costs for achieving a successful claim outcome are recovered from the other party therefore a no win no fee solicitor, the costs for the legal proceedings, come from the gross compensation awarded to you.

Where Can I Find More Information on Dislocated Kneecap Injuries?

Helping you on the road to living a life after your accident with vary from person to person. For those who would like to seek support, help and advice about living an active life after an knee accident, here are some useful links.

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