Failed Sterilisation Compensation Claim

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What is Sterilisation?

There are two types of ways to stop a couple from conceiving another child. In males this is called a vasectomy, and in women there is sterilisation. A vasectomy in a male is a much safer procedure than sterilisation, and is also less invasive. Each of these methods are very effective, but sometimes the medical procedure can go wrong if care and attention is not given by the medical professional.

What is Failed Sterilisation?

Failed sterilisation is generally caused when a doctor has been negligent towards their medical duties. For instance, Filshie clips may have slipped off, or even more to the truth is they may not have been fastened correctly. These days the procedure is taken using laparoscopy, otherwise called microsurgery, the doctor will take a photograph where the clips are in place and insert a print-off within the females records.

Clips are supposed to be put in place to each fallopian tube, which carries the women’s eggs from the ovary through to the womb, and it has been commonly known that these clips slip off the tubes, or the tubes have regrown completely, which leads to an unwanted pregnancy. It can be devastating news to learn that the female is pregnant if the child is unwanted, albeit for financial reasons, or you simply do not have the time to raise a family and want to concentrate on your career.

If this has happened to you (or your partner) then you may be eligible to make a compensation claim based on negligence of the surgeon or doctor, who did not carry out their duties with care and consideration.

How Much Compensation Could I Claim Following Failed Sterilisation?

The amount you will receive in compensation will vary from one case to another. The law actually states that for any unwanted pregnancy the compensation amount should be as follows:

  • £15,000 – The amount awarded for the infringement of the right to restrict the size of your family.
  • £5,000 – The amount awarded fr the pain and suffering of labour
  • Maternity leave cost (loss of earnings)
  • The cost of baby equipment, such as cots and prams.

What are the Symptoms of Failed Sterilisation?

It is hard to prove medical negligence claims but a failed sterilisation claim is usually straightforward, as the pregnancy is pure proof that the sterilisation did not work properly and negligence must have taken place.

Even if you decide not to keep the baby, you can still make a compensation claim. A medical negligence claims specialists will be able to advise you further to your claim, and whether you will be able to claim for wrongful conception, or if you decide to keep the child, wrongful birth.

Is Tylers a No-WIn, No-Fee Personal Injury Claims Solicitor?

Yes, Tylers Solicitors are a no win, no fee personal injury and medical negligence solicitors. This means if we do not win your case, you do not pay a fee. However, we do win a huge percentage of our cases.

Where Can I Find More Information on Failed Sterilisation?

How to Make a Failed Sterilisation Compensation Claim?

The process of making compensation claim is very straightforward. Contact Tylers Solicitors today on 0800 699 0079 for free advice about how to proceed with your compensation claim.