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Personal Injury ManchesterWhat is Vibration White Finger?

It is a work related condition that usually affects the hands, arms, fingers, thumbs or arms and is related to exposure to excess vibrations.

What are The Symptoms of This Disorder?

The symptoms of this condition vary but majority of the people report tingling which is characterised by needles and pins in their fingers. It is also characterised by whiteness of the fingers which is commonly referred to as blanching. This condition sometimes leads to reduced dexterity of the hand.

Is There Any Cure Of This Condition?

There is no cure which is known for this condition. Your medical expert may provide you with some medication which includes tablets that will ease the symptoms. According to the medical experts, the condition should not be worsened when you avoid using the vibratory tools that caused the disorder.

How Will You Know That You Suffer From Vibration White Finger?

In case you are suffering from the above mentioned symptoms and you have been using the vibratory tools, then you are likely to be suffering from this disorder. The best way to know if you are suffering from this disorder is to visit your medical experts who will ass9st you to diagnose the condition and give you exact results.

Can You Claim Any Benefits?

Yes, it is possible for you to claim the injury disablement benefits for industries for the condition. It is recommended that you visit the social security office so as to get the application form. It will be mandatory for you to undergo a medical test so as to be given this award. Applying this will not cost you anything.

Is It Possible To Claim Against Your Former Employer?

Yes, it is possible provided that you claim before two years are over after using the employer’s tools. The time limits will be very important as the employer can argue that the condition was caused by the tools of your current employer.

Will it Be Necessary to go for the Doctor’s Evaluation?

There are some cases that can be settled without necessarily visiting a doctor but is very important to go for a medical evaluation. This is due to the fact that this will determine the extent of evaluation you will get. It is advisable to visit a genuine and nearby doctor so as not to spend a lot of money and to get the best results.

How Long Will It Take To Be Compensated?

The time span of your compensation will depend on the nature of the case and the circumstances. There are some cases that can take just a few weeks before being compensated while others can take a very long period of time. The time span will mainly depend on the complex nature of the case you are handling.

Can You Claim If You Were Provided With Protective Equipment At Work Place?

Yes, you can claim. This is due to the fact that the equipment provided may not be sufficient to prevent the condition. Even though your employer may argue that he/she provided the protective gear, you can still argue that the protective gears could not prevent the condition.

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