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Have you injured or broke your finger in an accident? Have you had a partial or full amputation of your fingers due to faulty work equipment? You may be able to claim compensation. Tylers Solicitors specialise in personal injury claims and can help you to claim compensation for finger injuries, nerve damage, broken fingers and amputated fingers.

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Breaking a finger at work can be quite common as a lot of employees manually work with their hands. Fingers & Thumbs can become trapped, cut or infected when trapped at work in machinery or under a press. People commonly lose fingers or thumbs due to faulty equipment at work that has not had regular maintenance. There main types of finger & thumb injuries, such as fractures, breaks, dislocations and loss of a finger or thumb including tear tendons or end or nerve damage.

Your fingers and thumbs are very important parts of your body that we rely on to get through everyday life, and a loss of your fingers or thumbs, either temporary or permanent, can be a hindrance on your lifestyle. We use our fingers and thumbs almost all of the time, and without them, we will find our lives that little bit harder to manage due to being unable to work or perform everyday chores.

How Much Compensation Can I Get For My Injured Finger?

The amount of compensation you will receive depends on the amount of damage that has been done to your fingers. Due to you relying heavily on your hands when it comes to performing duties in everyday life then you will get a fair amount of compensation. This includes a loss of earnings and any future loss of earning, medicines, treatments, physio and any other costs that have occurred while suffering from your injury.

  • Fractured to 1 finger – £1,700 – £3,400

How much compensation for a broken finger?

  • More serious broken fingers – £3,000 – £11,700

How much compensation for losing a finger?

  • Partial finger loss – £2,500 – £13,500
  • Loss / Amputation of whole finger – £5,500 – £65,000

Here are the compensation (average) amounts that you can receive when it comes to injuring your thumb:

Thumb & finger injury compensation amounts

  • Thumb injury claim – Up to £1,600
  • Fractured thumb – £1,500 – £2,800
  • Dislocation & tendon damage – £2,500 – £9,000
  • Sever breakage & partial / full loss of thumb – £8,000 – £39,000

How much compensation for a finger injury?

What Are The Symptoms Of A Finger Injury?

The first obvious symptom is the pain, but depending on the type of pain can determine the type of injury you have sustained. You could have suffered a split fracture, a bone perforation fracture, a dislocation of the finger or knuckle, and the worst injury is a loss of the finger of thumb itself. Either way, if you think you have suffered damage in your finger make sure you have reported it in your accident report book at work and get straight to the hospital for an x-ray.

How are Finger Injuries Treated?

That depends on the type of injury you have sustained at work. Just as the accident occurs, you should get something cold on it straight away as this will numb the pain and take down some of the swelling. If you think it is broken, then you can create a temporary split while you are on your way to the hospital, such as an everyday object such as a pen. Tape the pen to your finger to stop further damage and pain. Next, take yourself to your doctors for a further diagnosis, and he or she will give an expert opinion on the type of injury you have sustained.

If the finger is fractured or broken, then it will require further treatment at a hospital and an x-ray to determine if it is a fracture or a break. With many finger & hand fractures, depending on the severity of the fracture, they may just strap up your finger or hand and let the fracture bind to the bone. This usually takes 4-5 weeks which will most probably be the time you are taking off work. If the fracture is more serious (skin perforation) then surgery may be required. An Orthopedist may fit a wire & tiny screws to fit the bone back into place. With a loss of a finger, there are cases where the finger can be reattached, but that is not always the case. With the loss of a finger, you should go immediately to the hospital.

What Bone Damage is There in the Fingers & Thumbs?

There are some bones that you can break, dislocate or fracture at work due to incompetent machinery or an accident that was the fault of somebody else. Here are the bones within the fingers & thumbs:

  • Interphalangeal Joint
  • Metacarpophalangeal Joint
  • Distal Phalanx
  • Middle Phalanx
  • Proximal Phalanx
  • Carpal Bones

What are Other Types of Finger & Thumb Injury?
There are many different types of injury you can sustain to your digits, here are many of the more common ones:

  • Trigger Finger
  • Trapped Finger
  • Trapped Finger in Door
  • Dupuytren’s Contracture
  • Finger Tendinitis
  • Finger Osteoarthritis
  • Finger Ligament Damage
  • Fractured Finger
  • Dislocated Finger
  • Fingertip Injury
  • Amputated Finger
  • Boutonnière Deformity
  • Dupuytren’s Contracture
  • Dupuytren’s Contracture & Disease
  • Extensor Tendon Injury
  • Felon
  • Flexor Tendon
  • Mallet Finger (Baseball)
  • Arthritis
  • Sprained
  • Swollen
  • Staved Finger
  • Jammed Finger
  • Stenosing Tenosynovitis
  • Herpetic Whitlow
  • Crushed Finger
  • Knuckle Injury
  • Hyperextended Finger & Thumb
  • Myxoid Cyst

What Type Of Information Will I Be Expected To Disclose About My Finger Injury?

It won’t be necessary at the beginning to inform us of the entire story of your accident, it is firstly important that you are fully aware of the legal proceedings and by helping us to answer a few simple questions will allow us to assess what margin you could be expected to achieve if it was successful.

More information…

What is mallet finger injury?

Mallet finger is the result of an injury to the thin tendon that is responsible for straightening the end joint of your finger or thumb. Another common name for mallet finger is ‘Baseball Finger’, which can occur when an unyielding object, such as a ball, will strike the tip of the finger or thumb and causes it to bend further back than it is intended to go.

Common questions

How Much Compensation Will I Get For Losing a Finger?

Knowing how much compensation you are likely to receive for the loss of a finger is beneficial if you are due to speak to a personal injury solicitor that handles those claims. Amounts of compensation for finger loss can vary between £1,600 to £32,000.

Is My Finger Broken?

You can usually tell if your finger is broken but if there is no deformity you will feel a sharp pain where the injury has occurred. It is common to not know if your finger is broken or not and you may try to bend it, and if sharp pain resides, then it is most likely broken.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from Finger Amputation?

Complete healing can take between 2-4 weeks even though the range of motion finger exercises are started more or less straight away to avoid stiffness. The stiffness and hypersensitivity may remain much longer after healing but it all depends on the severity of the injury.

How are Broken Fingers Treated?

Broken fingers are commonly treated depending on the location of the break. Taping the fingers together to the adjacent intact finger will help to treat a stable break. Unstable breaks will require immobilization. After your doctor has aligned the broken bones then a splint will be used to hold the bone together.

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