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Food Poisoning Compensation Claims

tsminilogoFood poisoning is more common these days than it used to be. Luckily, the majority of food poisoning side effects are mild. However, some extreme cases have occurred where there have been fatalities. Food Poisoning forms from infected bacteria, parasites, viruses or chemicals contaminating the food and drink that you consume. The most common type of food poisoning is through bacterial food poisoning.

Usually, bacteria builds up in food because it has not been stored, prepared or cooked properly. Bacteria is very hard to see, smell or taste, so you are not able to tell if the food you are about to consume is infected or not.

The Most Common Kinds of Food Poisoning

If you are suffering from food poisoning, then we advise you go to your doctor for tests to be carried out, so the doctor can confirm the diagnosis. If you suspect the food poisoning was caused by food purchases from a specific shop or restaurant, you and your doctor should inform the Environmental Health office. Your doctor will also suggest a course of action that you should take so you fully recover from the food poisoning.

If you have suffered from food poisoning and you believe it’s because of the food you consumed from a specific shop or restaurant, then get in contact with a member of our team on 0800 699 0079 to get the best legal advice possible. Remember we work on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ arrangement and are always available to answer any of your questions. We have a vast amount of experience and have shown support to many clients through similar claims, so they receive the compensation that they deserve.

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