Metacarpal Injury Compensation Claims

If you have suffered a metacarpal fracture or break that was caused in an accident because of somebody else’s negligence then you will be eligible to claim compensation. If this has happened to you then call Tylers Solicitors today on 0800 699 0079 and we can guide you through the legal process of making a compensation claim. Tylers Solicitors are trusted advisers when it comes to legal advice with regards to the compensation claim process and we can match you with a leading expert of metacarpal fracture compensation claims.

Metacarpal injury compensation amounts

A metacarpal injury can be a serious injury that will affect your daily routine. If your job relies on heavy lifting or use of your hands such as a construction worker then suffering a broken or fractured metacarpal is going to put a dent into your finances. This can be quite a strain if you rely on your wages due to having a young family or very little savings.

Can Tylers Solicitors help me to make a metacarpal injury claim?

If you are planning to sue for compensation for a broken or fractured metacarpal injury then Tylers Solicitors are a no win no fee compensation claim solicitor and we can offer you the very best advice going forward, This means that we work through a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) meaning that if you do not win your case then you do not need to pay your soliciting fees, you only pay if we win you compensation.

Types of metacarpal injuries

  • Metacarpal base fracture
  • Metacarpal shaft fracture
  • Spiral metacarpal base fracture
  • Broken metacarpal

How long does it take to get my metacarpal injury compensation payout?

As soon as the settlement has been agreed it has been known that some insurance companies can send payment through in as little as 5 days. It does depend on the insurance company though. You should always make sure that your solicitors have your bank details so they can transfer the payment as soon as it arrives by BACS, otherwise a settlement cheque will have to be issued and sent to you through the post which can further delay you receiving your compensation claim for your injury.

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