Hip Injury Compensation Claim Information

The hip is an extremely important part of the human body and is essential for mobility and independence. Injuries to this part of the body can be amongst the most serious and debilitating you can suffer and can be exceptionally painful. Commonly sustained from motor accidents and slips, trips and falls, until you have experienced a hip injury, most of us take the hip for granted and overestimate just how resilient and able of coping with adversity than it is.

How do Hip Injury accident claims happen?

The hip is much more fragile than most of us believe and this makes it particularly prone to injury with the likelihood of it sustaining damage from trauma increasing steadily as we age. Suffering an injury to the hip can be traumatic even at the best of times but can be even worse when whatever caused it was somebody else’s fault and not your own. If you have injured your hip as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault, then you could be entitled to make a personal injury compensation claim with Tylers.

Can I make a Hip Injury accident claim?

Whatever hip injury you’ve suffered as a result of the an accident, get in touch today. Our legal team can work with you no matter what kind of injury you’ve suffered, we are here for you.

How do I make a Hip Injury compensation claim?

If you’ve been involved in an accident that has resulted in a hip injury, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Whatever kind of hip injury compensation claims you’re looking to make, we are here to help. You can reach our experienced team directly by calling us on 0800 699 0079. You can also use our simple online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What is the Anatomy of the Hip?

The hip refers to a specific region of the body situated between the legs and the torso which collectively consists of the hip joint and hip bone and is held together by surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments. The hip joint (acetabulofemoral joint) is a synovial ball and socket joint and lies between the thigh bone (the femur) and the concave surface of the pelvis known as the acetabulum. This comprises the majority of the hip bone which in turn makes up a large part of the pelvis which connects at the top to the base of the spine.

Hip Injury Accident Compensation Amounts

If you have have suffered from a Hip Injury and want to know the average amount of compensation you can claim, use our quick compensation calculator below to calculate the average compensation you will receive.

Minor to Moderate Hip Injuries
If you have suffered from a minor hip injury, including fractures or breaks, with no expectation of ongoing problems then you may be able to make a claim.
£850 to £9,000
Serious Hip Injuries
If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from serious hip injuries that require hip replacement that cause minor residual disability, then you will be able to claim for compensation.
£8,000 to £28,000
Acetabulum Fractures
If you have suffered from a hip injury that has resulted in degeneration, instability or serious disability. This can also include hip replacement surgery, fractures of an arthritic femur and unsuccessful hip surgery. Then you Will be able to make a claim.
£27,000 to £42,500
For The Most Serious Hip Injuries
If you have had an accident, which resulted in multiple fractures, the need for amputation, pelvic dislocation and damage to the spine, which requires spinal fusion or disabilities and impairment, then you will be able to make a claim.
£42,500 to £95,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What Information Will I Be Expected to Disclose?

At the first point of your initial consultation, it won’t be necessary to inform us of all the details. Instead, we will ask you a few simple questions to allow us to understand and assess if you will be eligible to claim. With this in mind, we will also talk through the legal proceedings of claiming. Claims are documented using a paper trail to build the best case we can for you.

No win, no fee Hip Injury accident claims solicitors.

Tylers Solicitors are no win, no fee Hip Injury accident claims solicitors, which means if you lose your case against another party, you do not pay us a fee.

Why choose Tylers Solicitors to start your compensation claim?

Tylers Solicitors will always strive to get you the maximum compensation amount possible for the injuries you have suffered after your accident that wasn’t your fault, along with any loss of earnings and medical costs incurred.

We also value the solicitor/client relationship very highly throughout the claims process and believe that communication is the key to a successful compensation claim.

How are Hip Injuries Treated?

Treatment for hip injuries is very much dependent on the type of injury suffered and the overall extent of those injuries. Once medical attention is sought, X-rays will be taken to determine the level of damage and ensure the best treatment is provided as possible with CT scans providing a clearer picture if the X-ray doesn’t provide a clear enough image of the damage. Surgery may be carried out for muscle damage and bone fractures, especially in cases where complications such as displacement of the fracture occur, caused by the muscles attached to the hip and having the effect of causing the leg to rotate outwards making it appear shortened.

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We accept Nationwide Hip Injury Compensation Claims

No matter where you were injured in the UK, Tylers Solicitors are just a telephone call away from giving you expert advice about your accident that resulted in your hip injury. If you would like to contact us about claiming compensation then telephone 0800 699 0079 today for a no obligation chat or fill out our simple online contact form.