Industrial Accident Compensation

Industry is what drives the world. Without industry things would not be made, we would not have cars, smartphones, houses, dishes to eat off of; we would be in the Stone Age. But we do have industry and a great many people to work within those industries to provide us with the goods which we depend upon. Yet, time and time again we hear of cases where industrial workers have been injured on the job and then left to fend for him or herself. In most of these cases, the victim could have sought compensation if they only knew where to start.

Who is to blame?

The first thing which needs to be determined if you have been injured at an industrial job site is who is to blame. Was the injury caused by not following practices and procedures, or was the injury a result of faulty equipment, negligence on the industry’s part, or a failure to have safety policies and procedures in place which would have prevented the injury? If you find that any individual in the same situation could have become injured than the chances are that you have grounds to file a compensation claim.

What are some industrial accidents?

Industrial accidents can be of a wide variety. However, there are a few common injuries which occur within the industrial workplace which (depending on the severity and negligence of the industry) may constitute a compensation claim.

Slips and falls – This is the most common of industrial accidents. The injury can occur from wet floors without a caution sign, spills which have not been cleaned up, the lack of non-slip footwear being provided to workers, or the lack of non-slip coverings on steeply inclining walkways.

Objects Collision Trauma – Falling objects cause injury and death within industrial jobs every year. Improperly stacked, stored, and transported materials pose an extreme hazard to workers. Forklift operators need to be licensed and trained in their industrial job to ensure that accidents in the workplace do not occur.

Chemical burns and exposure to harmful chemicals – Chemicals which are not properly labelled can have very dangerous effects for anyone handling such equipment. Also, areas in which chemicals are used frequently should have safety equipment and procedures in place to protect the worker including but not limited to eyewear, gloves, breathing masks, and protective clothing.

Should you file an industrial accident compensation claim?

If you have slipped and fell at your worksite due to the negligence of proper safety measures being in place and as a result have had prolonged injuries such as back pain, broken bones, or concussions then you may have a compensation claim.

If safety equipment has been provided but was found to be faulty in preventing injury then you may have a claim. Injuries sustained through chemicals should be carefully diagnosed by a medical staff, doctor, or practitioner to best understand the severity and proper course of treatment for the injury.

Individuals who have sustained injuries due to improper stacking, storage, or transportation of goods (such as a crate or pallet falling on them) are eligible for compensation, especially if the object has caused the person to be ineligible for work.

If a family member has died as a result of an industrial injury, in most cases you will have ground for a compensation claim.


Injury compensation claims are highly dependent upon following time and documentation guidelines. The quicker you file, the more likely you are to win your case. We will work closely with you to ensure that your papers are filed correctly and on time.

The success or failure of your case is greatly weighed upon the negligence of the industry. If you were in an unauthorised area when the injury occurred then your chances of winning a compensation case is greatly reduced, unless you were specifically directed to be in that area by a supervisor, in which case you would have a case.

Compensation is usually determined by the severity and the duration which a person has been (or is expected to be) injured. Compensation is also measured by how many individuals have been or are likely to be injured in the same manner due to the negligence of the industry. Never try to intensify your injury in order to get compensation. Your health is more important. Always get the professional direction of a medical staff, practitioner, or doctor.

We are here to help you

We are here to help you and sympathise with your suffering. If you have any inquiries as to how accident injury claims (as they relate to the industrial work force) should be filed, or if you have sustained an injury at an industrial site and with to file a compensation claim, we would love to hear from you.

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