Industrial injuries are simply injuries, diseases or even disability that an employee or a worker can acquire in the course of performing their duties. So many people work in places such as manufacturing industries that contain hazards that are a threat to their health.

For instance, in heavy industries such as manufacturing, loud noises of various machines tend to pose a big threat to the hearing of the workers. In fact, many workers lose their ability to clearly and properly hear, hence losing their sense of hearing, commonly referred to as noise induced hearing loss.

Industrial diseases are frequently very serious at times which can last for the rest of your life and also affecting the ability to earn an income. Industrial injury compensation claims are likely to be very large and in case the employer was not required by the law to have insurance, it’s very easy to see how he or she can go bankrupt just in case he was to handle such a claim.

Types of industrial accident compensation claims

There are thousands of industrial accidents as well as injury compensation claims. Some of these industrial accident claims include:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Back and spine injuries
  • Asbestos poisoning
  • Hand and fingers injuries which includes Tendonitis and Vibration White Finger.

Some causes of these injuries may be caused by situations like:

  • Inadequate training
  • Machine failure
  • Inadequate safety protection
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Lifting and
  • Slips, trips or even falls.

Nevertheless, a number of industrial injuries are normally caused in or even at the workplace and therefore it’s advisable to know what you are needed to do to be sure that you are eligible enough to claim if the situation arises. You need to know the following:

Where did the injury happen?

Did it happen in the work place? If yes, then it’s important that it is recorded in the injury book which any of the workplace should have by the law. Ensure that you fill in each and every detail of the injury that you sustained and also the circumstances surrounding the incident. Remember to fill in your full name, the date, address, and the time of the incident.


Get examined by the doctor soon after the accident to ensure that you are able to document your injuries. In case it’s a work’s doctor, you may want to find an independent practitioner in order to verify their findings and also to fully document injuries that you sustained.

Finally, it can be that you cannot manage to return to the work place owing to the injuries that you sustained. If this is the case, you can look into the possibilities of an insurance claim whereby you may seek the advice of any industrial injuries compensation lawyer. Always bear in mind that you are looking for industrial injury compensation but not only for the physical injuries that you sustained. You may receive compensation for any physiological and mental damage that the accident could have caused you. Also, always consider the loss of the earnings that you have suffered as a result of the injury.

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