What is Industrial White Finger?

Industrial white finger is an industrial injury that mostly affects people whose work involves extended use of vibrating power tools such as chain saw, riveting tools, pneumatic drills, grinders and fettling tools. This condition has been recognised as industrial disease for many years. Although employers know about the risk and effects of exposing their workers to vibrating power tools, some are still hesitant to put measures that can limit exposure to their employees. As a result, this disease has actually affected thousands of industrial workers in UK.

Health and safety regulations regarding the use of vibrating tools or machinery in UK are very clear and precise and thus negligence is not acceptable. Therefore, if you have been using machinery under instructions and you have not been informed about side effects of this condition and how to combat them, then you have a good case for industrial white finger compensation claim. So, have you been diagnosed with industrial white finger are you are wondering which steps to take so as to get compensated? If you have, then you are in the right place because in this article we are going to gives you some tips on which steps you actually need to take.

How Should I Make a Claim for Industrial White Finger Compensation?

The first thing that you need to do to have a successful compensation claim is to understand what is industrial white finger, its symptoms and risks. In order to file a case, be sure that you are actually suffering from industrial white finger and the main cause is as a result of employer’s negligence.

Will I Need to Collect Information Regarding My Industrial White Finger Claim?

The second thing that you need to do is to collect information such as the contact details for any potential witnesses. Witnesses are very important especially if you want to win the case meaning that you should ensure that you select real witness who saw what happens in the workplace.

Should I Collect Photographic Evidence Regarding My Industrial White Finger Claim?

To add more weight to your case, it is recommended that if possible, you collect photographic evidence of the damage. Photographic evidence that clearly show what happens to your hand,arm or wrist as a result of employer’s negligence.

Will I Need to Make Detailed Notes Regarding My Industrial White Finger Claims?

Make detailed notes about what really happened to you, the real cause, when and where it happened. Make sure that all information you write is true. Avoid writing contradictory statements that could jeopardize your compensation claim. You must be able to account and prove every detail that you write without contradicting yourself at any given time that you are asked to.

Why Choose Tylers Solicitors to Represent Industrial White Finger Compensation Claims?

After you have understood VWF condition, collected information, photographic evidence and notes, the next step is to seek help from a Industrial White Finger compensation solicitor. When a lawyer represents your claim, it doesn’t always necessarily go to court. In the eyes of your solicitor, this prolongs the claim, but in court, means the power of law can force the insurers to compensate a claim of industrial vibration white finger.

Solicitors very rarely ask to see a vibration white finger victim as documented records and paper work is worth more in gold in a legal case, which means as long as you sign all your paperwork instructed by your solicitor, the case can be successfully accomplished by the soliciting firm on your behalf.

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