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Job & Tools That Cause Vibration White Finger

Jobs & Tools That Cause Vibration White Finger

Vibration white finger, also referred to as hand arm vibration syndrome is a situation which effects how the blood runs through your blood vessels therefore causing numbness, weakness and whiteness in areas such as the fingers, muscles, wrist, arm, nerves and its connecting tissues. One of the well known causes of this condition is working with vibrating tools & machinery.

Most of those who suffer from this condition must have been using high vibration tools for several years. One way of bringing to a halt the severity of the condition is to stop using vibrating tools.

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Tools that people use which cause vibration white finger

Machines & tools that cause vibration white finger

Clinical prognostics of vibration white finger caused by tools & machinery

Can you claim compensation?

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Tools that people use which cause Vibration White Finger

It’s important to know about the job & tools that cause vibration white finger. Construction and other workers who use powered vibrating tools for a few hours everyday are more likely to suffer from this condition. The time which it takes for the symptoms to be visible varies from one person to another. For instance, it takes a few months or even years for the first signs to become visible. However, the probability of getting exposed to this condition increases when you use vibrating machines more regularly and for an extended period of time. Individuals who suffer from neurological disorders, vascular disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome and Reynaud’s disease are advised against being exposed to excessive vibration at work.

Machines & tools that cause Vibration-White Finger

Those who handle machines such as chain saws, jackhammers, hammer drills, sanding tools and a variety of other hand held sanding tools stand higher chances of suffering from vibration white finger.  Also, those who work with any kind of machinery that vibrates may suffer from it. Vibration promotes vasoconstriction via the smooth muscles hypertrophy therefore damaging the walls of the endothelial cells, releasing chemicals such as thromboxane and serotonin together which causes damage of the nerve cells.

Clinical prognostics of Vibration-White Finger caused by tools & machinery

Amongst the symptoms that characterise the condition include numbness, tingling and reduced dexterity. These symptoms are mostly intermittent, but could become continuous if more exposure to vibrations occurs. Also, the manifestation of this condition occurs when the finger’s blood vessels turn white because of lack of enough blood supply. It may affect one or more fingers. In advanced cases when all oxygen in the blood is exhausted, the affected fingers may turn blue. On rewarming, the fingers may turn bright red. Most of these attacks occur mostly after using powered vibrating tools in cold conditions. The affected person may also suffer from reduced grip strength, osteoporosis of the bone cysts, elbow and wrist.

Can you claim compensation?

If you have been using powered vibrating tools to carry out your duties at work and develop this condition, you can ask for compensation under personal injury claims. Duty of care is vested on employers to ensure that their employees have the right protective gear to help shield them from danger. One of the industries where thousands of successful claims have been lodged is coal mining, and another is the steel industry. You will need to talk with a reputable personal injury lawyer who will provide you with valuable advice on how to proceed with the claim for compensation.

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