Torn Lateral Collateral Compensation Claim

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Knee injuries, such as a torn lateral collateral ligament, are normally undermining. Even a minor injury is aggravating due to the fact that the knee joint is responsible for taking in the better part of your body weight during activities such as walking or playing football. Psychologically, a knee injury can cause financial worry, withdrawal and changes the quality of life to the injured person.

Working, driving, doing chores around the house and even taking care of your kids. People need to work, and without working you cannot provide for your family, so the more extensive the injury, the longer you are off work, which will add more financial worry for you and your family.

Formalities in the knee injury extent

Common knee injuries normally arise due to the interference of the muscles and soft tissues surrounding the joint. Anterior cruciate ligament is one of the four major ligaments that are in the construction of the human knee. The quadruped stifle, based on its position, is also referred to as the cranial cruciate ligament.

Tears and ruptures are the most common forms of knee tendon injuries, which result from road traffic accidents, sporting injuries, tripping, slipping or falling.

The reconstruction of knee tendon injuries is mainly done via a surgical procedure known as an autograft. It is an arthroscopic form of injury whereby the surgeon inserts a tiny camera to get a visual of the damaged ligaments. Any solicitor compiling your case should put into consideration the compensation factors arising from the surgery, which include costs, pain and discomfort.

An ‘unhappy triad’ and ‘bursitis’ are other forms of injuries than can be inflicted on the knee ligaments. These two are very painful injuries which can lead to serious discomfort. However, their treatments can be relatively easy to deal with and can expect to recover if the injuries are attended to early enough.

Step of action after picking up a knee injury

The basic and first action after the occurrence of a knee injury is to report to a hospital immediately so you can get the knee examined. This is to ensure that a comprehensive assessment of the knee injury is done to ensure that proper treatment is performed, and any other possible complications are countered. Knee injuries are very prominent in reestablishing themselves if the individual exerts excess pressure on the bad knee before full recovery. Knee injuries should be given plenty of time to recover.

How much compensation can you claim

The amount of compensation will be estimated after taking into consideration the extent of which the accident has affected you and how long it takes for you to recover. Many people believe that an injury is worth a specific amount, but it is impossible to be certain of the worth of your claim without reviewing the medical evidence first. There are rules in which courts follow to come up with a reasonable compensation figure. Contributory negligence is a term that is most commonly used with regards to the contribution that you make to your injuries by your lack of care. This can also have an effect on the amount of compensation you will receive.

Are you a ‘No Win – No Fee’ claims solicitor

Yes, Tylers Solicitors are No Win, No Fee. The term

The term no win no fee is a conditional fee arrangement which was introduced via the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 (under section 58) but was implemented from the year 1995. The no win no fee was designed to bridge the rift and enhance access to justice to even those people who are not so well-off. Hence, it is crucial to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer who will discuss your claim for injury compensation; and decide if you have an injury claim to pursue.

How to make a compensation claim

Whether you are eligible for compensation should be the first consideration in your claim for compensation. The personal injury compensation claims can only be lodged if there is factual evidence to prove that there has been an actual injury in the first place. If the injury has been caused and it wasn’t your fault, and you have the required evidence, then yes, you can make a claim for compensation.

How long until I can claim

You have three years to claim compensation. However, this kind of time limit does not apply to children.