Loss of Sight Compensation Claim

According to the 2013 statistics from the National Health Service (NHS) of the UK, about 2.5% of the eye health costs were due to an accident and other injury-related causes. Accidents continue to contribute majorly to both partial and complete blindness. If you have experienced loss of sight due to an accident, injury or negligence, then you may have an opportunity to make a compensation claim against the loss. This article looks into the various causes of loss of sight and how you can make a loss of sight compensation claims for your eyesight loss.

What Kinds of Accident Can Cause Loss of Sight?

There are many accidents or incidents that can lead to a loss of sight. However, some of the more common causes are discussed below;

  • Accident at Work – One of the major causes of accidents that lead to eyesight loss is an injury at the place of work. Though such injuries can take place in any place of work, they are more prevalent in industrial works, welding jobs, workshops and especially those that deal with metals and factories that may have a lot of dust or chemical exposure. An employer has a duty to ensure extreme safety of his or her employees and if such a work-related accident is due to such negligence by an employer, then the victim through a lawyer may file for loss of sight claim.
  • Assault or Attack – Another major cause of sight loss is assault or attack. This may be due to domestic violence, fights or victim of an attack. A victim of loss of sight can seek compensation for the loss of sight from the party that instilled such injury – if the victim’s solicitor proves that the other party is responsible for the loss
  • Medical Accident – Various medical operations can lead to a loss of eyesight. One can also lose their sight if they take the wrong medication or take an overdose of a prescription drug. If such medical accidents are due to negligence by the practitioner involved, then the victim can claim compensation from the negligent practitioner.
  • Head or Eye Injury – An injury to the head or eye may be caused by a car or motorbike accident, accidents in an amusement park, slip and fall accidents, hit by a flying object or other such accidents.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim for Losing My Sight?

The amount loss of sight compensation claims ranges depending on the cause, extent and medical requirements of the loss. The UK Judicial Studies Board (JSB) has provided a guideline of the amount of compensation to expect from various eyesight loss claims. The guideline amounts provided include;

  • Severe eye injury leading to total blindness – Around £147,000 (about £222,000 if deafness also caused)
  • Loss of one eye – From £30,000 – £36,000 (May go to as high as £98,000 if other eye impaired)
  • Minor but permanent loss of sight – From £6,750 to £11,500
  • Other minor eye injuries – From £2,150 to £4,750

However, to get a more accurate estimate, a solicitor will need to consider the medical costs incurred, domestic assistance costs due to eyesight loss, the loss of income and other past and future costs from the loss of sight.

What Counts as Sight Loss in the UK?

There is a wide range of symptoms that may point to a potential eye injury or loss of sight. Such symptoms include blurriness in vision, severe headaches, pain in the eyes, loss of vision from one eye or both eyes and itchiness of the eyes. If eye injury is caused by a sharp object or head trauma, then the diagnosis is more straightforward and you can get to treatment immediately. However, for causes that are less conspicuous, you may need to consult with an optician or eye doctor to get a more accurate diagnosis of your potential loss of sight.

Is Tylers a No-Win, No-Fee Sight Loss Compensation Claims Solicitor?

A “No Win No Fee” solicitor is a lawyer who takes up a compensation claim case but only gets his or her legal fees from the proceeds of the compensation. In such a case, the lawyer will not charge the client any fees if the claim fails. This arrangement is especially ideal for victims who may not have or be willing to pay the legal fees upfront and therefore get to pay such fees only when compensation is won.

Where Can I Find More Information on Sight Loss?

There are various resources available for people who have loss of sight or other eyesight related problems. The National Health Service (NHS) provides extensive loss of sight-related information and statistics on their website. You can also get information from the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and the Action for Blind People UK. It is also advisable to get a diagnosis and more personalized information from a medical doctor. As for compensation, you can get advice and assistance from a lawyer.

How Can I Make a Loss of Sight Compensation Claim?

If you have suffered eye injury or loss of sight due to the fault of another person or institution, then your first recourse towards getting compensation is contacting an injury lawyer to assist in building a case. It is important that you maintain all medical records and bills relating to the claim including travel expenses to the hospital, consultation and medical bills, domestic assistance due to the injury and all other related documentation as this will assist your solicitor in making a claim.

How Long Until I Can Claim Loss of Sight Compensation?

If you are a victim of loss of sight, you have up to three years from the time that you discovered that you had the injury to make loss of sight compensation claims. However, it is advisable to contact a lawyer as soon as you find out that you have loss of sight. This way, the lawyer can advise you on how best to proceed in seeking compensation.

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