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According to WHO statistics, Lung cancer is amongst the top most killing diseases in the world. Nevertheless, early detection accompanied by right medical practice increases the chances of survival in patients. There have been reports of delay in Diagnosis and Misdiagnosis from patients all over the world. That is unethical and according to Law that is treated as negligence on the part of the doctor and is punishable by law. Also, with concrete evidence, the victim is to be compensated.

It is believed that Lung Cancer mainly stems from smoking cigarettes however there are many other causes that aren’t as well known. Mainly work related substances such as asbestos, dust and sawdust are also accepted causes.

Even if the person with lung cancer was a smoker they could very well still have a claim, this is because medical and legal professionals believe that if the lung cancer develops in the presence of asbestosis or other substances such as sawdust or dust, then the person may still have a claim. However, this requires proof of occupational exposure or prolonged exposure.

If you suspect that you have lung cancer then check below for symptoms:

  • Intense coughing
  • Pain the back or chest
  • Changes in coughed up mucus
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty Swallowing
  • Hoarse Voice
  • Blood when coughing

If you have any of these symptoms, then make sure you see a general practitioner as soon as possible. It may be that you have lung cancer and also if you have had a tough occupation with lots of fumes, particles or dust in the air, then you may also have a Lung Cancer Compensation claim.

After your diagnosis doesn’t forget to get in touch with Tyler’s Solicitors. We have years of experience fighting this type of claim and are the best chance for you to get any compensation. We are the best at what we do.

Below are a few questions that touch on various critical issues related to lung cancer and lung cancer compensation claims.

What is Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer, also known as “Carcinoma of the lungs” is an ailment that starts within the lungs and later if untreated replicates and spreads to other tissues in the body. It is characterised by the uncontrolled growth of harmful cells in tissues of the lungs.

How can you tell if you have lung cancer?

Scientifically, it’s not possible to tell whether you are suffering from lung cancer without being examined in the hospital. However, before you visit a hospital, there are symptoms that will first show, and these symptoms are coughing (heavy coughing that comes with blood), difficulty in breathing, chest pains and a drastic decrease in weight. When these symptoms present themselves before you, it is advised that you visit a physician for further medical tests. Confirmation is done using a process called biopsy and is performed by a CT-guidance or bronchoscope.

What are the causes of lung cancer?

The most common cause of lung cancer is long-term exposure to cigarette/tobacco smoke. According to statistics, 80-90% of lung cancer patients are said to be heavy smokers of tobacco, and non-smokers only account for 10-15 % of lung cancer cases. Though not scientifically verified, among the non-smokers, their condition is often ascribed to a combination of exposure to radon gas, air pollution, asbestos and second-hand smoke.

What is the lung cancer diagnosis procedure?

When you visit a radiographer, an x-ray of your chest is taken and used to examine whether there is a tumour in the lung. If a tumour is found, this diagnosis needs to be confirmed by CT-guidance or bronchoscopy. The results here will indicate the type of cancer stage and extend of spread which will then determine the type of treatment you get. During treatment, the patient’s overall health is measured by performance status of how you react to treatment.

What is a lung cancer compensation claim?

This is the act of seeking payment for damages brought to your health by either consuming something that did not bear a warning to show that it can cause lung cancer in most cases asbestos or due to doctor’s negligence, you get a misdiagnosis. When it comes to delays in misdiagnosis, only serious ones are awarded, and they include:

  • During taking of chest x-rays, the radiologists mistakes the interpretation of the scans
  • The doctor fails to take heed of signs like coughing blood, persistent cough and chest pain
  • Fault by pathologists

Why make a lung cancer compensation claim?

The main reason why people make compensation claims in cases of medical negligence is that due to reasons that could be avoided, their lives are now in line and to make it worse, to ease the pain, they are digging deeper into their pockets. With the compensation they get, they will be in a better position to:

  • Have a better nurse care at home.
  • Enrol in private medical treatment where delays are minimal as compared to NHS hospitals.
  • Get better help in housework.
  • Money to replace any loss they make because of not working.

In the case where the patient succumbs to illness, the claim will provide the family who relied on the deceased financially to make a living.

Who is eligible to make a lung cancer compensation claim?

  • Any patient suffering from lung cancer and believes that his/her condition is as a result of negligence by the medical professionals or manufacturers of a product that lead to their presence condition and did not bear a warning during the time of consumption.
  • Straight family members/benefactors of the deceased who believes that the death of their loved one was as a result of medical negligence on the part of medical professionals.

How do I make lung cancer compensation claims?

When you believe that your case is that of delay or medical negligence, you consult with lawyers who are experienced in cases related to clinical and medical negligence. They will cordially discuss with you by using the information you present to them and the facts they get from their investigation forge ahead to sue the concerned parties. Be glad to know that some law firms offer a free consultation and even moves an extra mile in providing immediate rehabilitation and representation support to their clients who are not in a position to attend one in their offices.

What is meant by a no-win-no-fee lung cancer agreement?

In cases of medical negligence, when a person files a petition through his/her lawyer, usually the lawyer examines everything presented before them and then assess the chances of them winning the case. If the chances are high, they do not charge until the case is closed. If the cases win, it is then that the victim is charged; failure to that, the victim will not be charged or asked for any fee whatsoever. The lawyer paying on your behalf is called a solicitor.

Interested in starting your claim?

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Lung Cancer Tips

If you are still healthy and not suffering from lung cancer, it’s highly recommended that you stay away from cigarettes. As dangerous as active smoking of tobacco is to your health, so is passive smoking. Once you are diagnosed with lung cancer, the treatment will depend on how far the cells have spread. Your doctor may recommend surgery for you, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Whatever treatment your doctor recommends to you be keen and follow it to the latter.

Also, eat diets with higher sizes of fruit and vegetables as these have been confounded to lower the risks of suffering from lung cancer and other lethal diseases.

Lung Cancer Charities

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