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What is Lymphoma?

Lymphoma is a cancer which affects the lymph nodes or lymphatic system of the body. This system is responsible for the transportation of white blood cells throughout the body. Like with most cancers, the body has lymphoma cancer when there is an accumulation of cells in a targeted area resulting in tumors and a weakened immune system as a result of such accumulation. Because Lymphoma specifically targets the lymphatic system which greatly controls the white blood cells that fight disease, the body is extremely vulnerable to illnesses and other diseases.

Who is At Greatest Risk Of Lymphatic Disease/Cancer?

Lymphoma is greatly dependent upon age and medical genetics. However, this is not to say that younger individuals or even infants cannot and do not get lymphoma cancer. Like most cancers, it is unbiased when it comes to its victims.

What Are the Symptoms of Lymphoma?

There are several indicators that one should consider a potential for lymphoma. These are in no way definitive analysis results that you or anyone experiencing such symptoms have lymphoma. However, if you or anyone you know has one or more of these symptoms, you are advised to seek the professional opinion of a medical practitioner, medical staff, or doctor.

Typically, individuals which have a disease of the lymphatic system will experience:

  • Swelling in crevices of the body (groin, armpits, ankles, elbow joints)
  • Inflammation of the neck muscles – As your neck contains all the major blood transpiration vessels from the body to the brain, any swelling experienced in the neck should immediately be treated.
  • An increase in contracted diseases (flu, cold, and other such illnesses)
  • Slower recovery from common illnesses
  • Increased fatigue and drowsiness or unexplained fatigue
  • Loss of appitite or dramatic loss of weight even though you are eating
  • Excessive sweating, night sweats, and/or fever

If you experience any drastic change in your energy and your ability to combat disease and illnesses (such as the flu or cold) you should be diagnosed by a licensed medical staff, practitioner, or doctor. Please note that not every symptom means that you have lymphoma. Yet, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms or any prolonged discomfort as it relates to any of these symptoms (such as the development red spots or unexplainable itching of the body) such should be addressed.

Should I File a Claim for Lymphoma Misdiagnosis Compensation?

Lymphoma disease and especially the word cancer are life changing words. It is important that those which diagnose patients to do so properly. If you have been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and have undergone any treatment to find out later that you do not have lymphoma, you may have a claim.

If you have been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and the medical practice has scheduled surgery or other treatment methods and you have sought another medical opinion which showed misdiagnosis, you might have a claim.

Any individual who has specifically asked to be diagnosed for any lymphatic disease by a medical staff, practitioner, or doctor who was told that they do not have lymphoma when in fact that person does have lymphoma has a case for misdiagnosis.

Negative results of a lymphatic diagnosis which were actually positive, most definitively have a case for misdiagnosis. This misdiagnosis usually occurs after the claim’s victim has undergone a biopsy and the tissue sample has been sent to a pathologist to study the tissue. Such misdiagnosis causes additional stress on an individual whose immune system is already weakened.

If a love one has died due to misdiagnosis of lymphoma (being that that person was told that he or she does not have lymphoma. You may have a case.

What Do I Need to Consider When Making a Lymphoma Claim?

Diagnosis of cancer is dependent upon a large variable of symptoms. Claims which are filed are based upon the assumption that these symptoms would have been spotted by any medical staff, practitioner, or doctor. Cases of misdiagnosis may have grounds for when an existing lymphoma patient is in remission and returns.

We would like to encourage you to continue with any treatment you are undergoing at this time. If you are concerned that you do not have lymphoma and are undergoing unneeded treatment, you are strongly advised to get the second or third opinion of a professional medical staff, practitioner, or doctor.

As with any legal claim, you have an allotted amount of time in which to file your claim. The longer you wait the less likely you are to win your case.

Why Choose Tylers For No-Win, No-Fee Lymphoma Claims?

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