What Injuries are Commonly Associated with Motorbike Accidents?

If you’re involved in a motorbike accident and fail to take the precautionary measures necessary to adequately protect yourself from harm, the risk of suffering more severe injuries is greatly increased. These risks can be dramatically reduced if you dress in the appropriate protective clothing such as a high visibility jacket in the dark and a crash helmet at all times to protect your head from serious and life-changing brain injuries. Admittedly, this is no guarantee against accidents happening but by taking these precautions, the majority of serious motorbike injuries can be prevented and avoided.

Some of the most common injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents include:

  • Abrasion Injuries – These injuries can be exceptionally painful and are also known colloquially as road rash. Abrasion injuries result from the motorcyclist being dragged along the ground which causes the skin in contact with it to be scraped off. Whilst protective clothing can help to reduce abrasion, low side motorbike crashes can often result in painful road rash injuries that may require a skin graft.
  • Injuries to the head – Head injuries from motorcycle accidents range from being rather mild to extremely serious in nature. Injuries vary but can include concussion and in severe cases, brain damage.
  • Injuries to the wrist – Wrist injuries tend to be caused by the biker breaking their fall by putting their hands out in front of them. Sprains, strains and fractures are the most common manifestation of wrist injuries caused by involvement in motorbike accidents.
  • Injuries to the shoulder – Shoulder injuries have the ability to be very painful and debilitating particularly if the affected shoulder is the person’s dominant shoulder. The clavicle and humerus, better known as the collar bone and upper arm respectively, are most often broken in motorbike accidents. This usually happens from highside crashes and accidents where the rider is thrown from the bike.
  • Injuries to the ankle – Ankle injuries happen when the ankle is twisted unnaturally beyond its normal motion range. They can also result from the ankle striking or being struck by hard objects or surfaces travelling at high speeds. The most common manifestation of this injury includes sprains, strains and fractures and can be caused by direct bodily collision with another vehicle whilst riding or from landing after an accident
  • Injuries to the knee – Like ankle injuries, these are most commonly caused by the knee coming into direct contact with hard objects or surfaces at high speed when the motorcyclist falls from the bike.
  • Injuries to the face – Facial Injuries happen when a motorcyclist collides with a car or other heavy motor vehicle causing fractures and possible long-term scarring.
  • Psychological Injuries – Victims who suffer psychological problems after being involved in a motorbike accident suffer them as a direct result of the accident, the treatment they receive afterwards or a combination of both. The injuries they receive can also cause distress for the victim particularly if they have been left with visible scarring.

How Much Compensation Could I Be Entitled To Following My Motorcycle Accident Injury?

The amount of money you could be entitled to claim for a motorcycling accident injury depends on a range of different factors. These factors include such things as how and when the accident that caused your injury happened, the overall extent of damage your body has sustained as a result of the accident, the amount of time you have had to take off work to recuperate and to what extent you are expected to recover. Due to the time limit being a maximum of three years for most personal injury claims, it is essential if you wish to make a claim that you do so within that time period. To make a claim, the accident must also have been someone else’s fault and you should be able to prove this. Higher amounts tend to be awarded for injuries of the gravest magnitude with lower amounts generally being awarded for those that are of a far less serious nature and require little or no hospitalisation whatsoever.

All cases of motorcycle injury are unique and therefore, it is hard to quantify amounts that tend to be awarded because of the general nature and combination of the various different injuries that can be sustained. One case may involve a motorcyclist who receives a broken or fractured arm whereas another may involve a motorcyclist who receives a much more severe broken or fractured arm injury and a spinal injury as well. In order to get a better understanding of how much compensation you could be in line to receive, have a look at our Types of Bodily Injury page where you will find a listing of all the different parts of the body that can be injured in motorbike accidents. There you will find details regarding amounts of compensation that tend to be awarded for different injuries with differing degrees of seriousness. You will also find additional information relating to how they can be injured and how they can be treated.

What Motorcycle Injuries Can I Claim Compensation For?

If you are successfully awarded with compensation for the injuries you received in a motorbike accident that wasn’t your fault, the money with which you are awarded can be used to pay for various things related both directly and indirectly to the injuries you have sustained. The amount you receive is based on the overall losses you have suffered and usually covers losses that you have incurred whilst seeking recovery but can also be used for other losses that have resulted from the accident. This can include such things as private medical bills as only a relatively limited range of treatment may be provided by the NHS and it is also common for motorcyclists injured in accidents to pay for supplementary treatment themselves. Likewise, the money can also be used to reimburse any travelling expenses if you have had to travel to medical appointments at your local doctor’s surgery or hospital.

As well as personal injury, you could also receive further compensation for any damage to your motorbike and other private property such as the clothing you were wearing at the time of the accident including items used for protection such as crash helmets as well as any attachments to your motorbike. To do this, you must be able to provide evidence in the form of things such as credit card bills, bank statements and receipts, estimates from at least one motorbike shop or, if repairs have been made to your motorbike, an invoice. You can add further weight to your case and greatly improve your chances of being awarded with compensation for damage to your personal property by taking photographs of the motorbike before repairs have been made to it as well as of any other personal items damaged in the accident. You could also be compensated for general pain and suffering and loss of earnings if your injuries were bad enough that it has meant you have had to take time off work to properly recover.

Why Should I Choose Tylers to Represent My Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim?

It could not be easier to make a personal injury compensation claim with Tylers Solicitors. We have helped many people unfortunate enough to have suffered injury in a motorbike accident that was not of their making claim the compensation they truly deserve to help them get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible. Working with so many past clients, we have come to appreciate just how traumatic being involved in a motorbike accident can be and know that whilst not being able to turn the clock back and make things right again, compensation can at the very least go some way towards helping you pick up the pieces of your past life and get you back to living a life that as closely resembles the one you led before the accident.

To make a successful claim with Tylers, you must be able to fulfil certain conditions. You must be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accident in which you sustained your injuries and damage to your property was not your fault but that of someone else and, due to strict time limits, the accident must have taken place a maximum of three years ago. If you can do this and have ample evidence, give us a call today and let us help you claim the compensation that is rightfully yours. Our team of highly professional personal injury solicitors will guide you through the claims process, keeping you updated on any developments in your case along the way and doing their utmost to secure you with an amount that you will be happy with. So give us a call today and take that brave first step towards recovery.

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