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Old people opt to move into nursing homes or long-term care facilities to ensure that they are well taken care of. They are optimistic that they will be protected from the effects brought about by old age and other conditions including mental health and other age related illnesses. In other words, these facilities provide an inhabitable environment and a beneficial one for the old. The elderly are sometimes physically harmed by the neglect of their carers.

In such settings several factors have been identified to be the source of neglect and abuse of the residents including poorly qualified and under trained staff and many other unfavourable situations subject to the nature of a nursing home professional. Nursing home abuse compensation claims can be launched by an individual who is not satisfied with the nature and quality of services their elderly relatives are getting in a nursing home. The following are examples of such claims.

Liability for Nursing Home Injuries

There are more than a dozen ways in which a nursing home can be held liable for injuring a client as a result of negligence or abuse. Under such a situation, there are two procedural activities that can be launched in order to carry an investigation into the matter at hand so as to consider reasons behind an assault resulting in injuries. Also, a final judgement is passed according to the law and compensation given to the person in question after informing their attorney.

A nursing home can be held responsible for negligence if the injured party can prove that the source of injury is really as a result of ignorance or bullying by any of the nursing home’s workers, or even a group of them. While these elements apply to the fact that they arise due to negligence, the following are examples focusing on issues arising from the negligence of nursing professionals.

Proving duty and Breach of duty

A medical testimony may need to be provided in order to ensure that an injury has occurred. From here a compensation claim lawsuit may be launched by the victim after fully verifying that it really was an injury caused in the nursing home by the fault of whoever was in charge during the time of assault.

Statutory standard of care

Laws have been enacted that establish a certain minimum standard of care for the old and weak in these nursing homes, both private and publicly owned, across the country. Even if they can prove innocence based on this standard, a client can launch a claim based on the breach of these laws.

Types of nursing home abuse

Unfortunately there are many types of abuse that goes unreported in nursing homes. These are:

  • Self Neglect – An elderly patients decision to self neglect due to improper handling within the nursing home. They would self-starve and dehydrate and also refuse to bathe.
  • Sexual Abuse – As horrible as it is to think about it, there have been reports of rape in nursing homes. Other forms of sexual abuse includes improper touching & gestures to elderly patients.
  • Neglect – Where the staff fail to take care of the elderly patient, neglecting to change bedding, bedpans, feed them or give them baths.
  • Financial / Material Exploitation – The improper use of an elderly patients savings & funds, properties or assets. This is where the carer would use the patients vulnerable position to better themselves financially.
  • Physical Abuse & Bullying – Hitting & pinching patients is a common occurrence in nursing homes, where the elderly patient has reported bruises, cuts and even broken bones from manhandling.
  • Abandonment – Usually outside of the nursing home, where the elderly patients carer has abandoned them to the nursing home or even in the streets because they cannot look after them, or refuse to look after them.
  • Emotional & Psychological Abuse – Humiliation, verbal threats, harassment, intimidation & insults are just a few of the emotional abuse reports that have come from nursing homes.
  • Verbal Abuse – Threatening an elderly patient to an extent where they become withdrawn or start to express fear around other nursing staff.


This is an issue which arises on a frequent basis in different nursing homes. It is often hard to tell if the injury is as a result of the inevitable old age of the victim or was done deliberately. A thorough investigation involving different solicitors is needed before a claim is granted.

If you are subject to nursing home abuse and bullying and have suffered injuries then please call Tylers Solicitors today on 0800 699 0079 and we will advise you further.