If you as the pedestrian are involved in an accident which was the fault of the person driving the vehicle, then a pedestrian compensation claim can be made against the driver’s insurance company. Call Tylers Solicitors today to process your claim by simply calling 0800 699 0079.

What Accidents can I claim compensation for?

  • Being hit by a car while on the pavement causing injury or death.
  • Being hit by a car while at a pedestrian crossing.
  • Being hit by a car which drives off after the incident (hit and run).
  • Being hit by a stolen vehicle causing a fatality.
  • Being hit on a pedestrian walkway.
  • Faulty or damaged pedestrian road safety signs.
  • A cyclist hits a pedestrian on the pavement causing injury.
  • A lack of pedestrian protection.

How do I claim compensation for my accident as a pedestrian?

If you injure yourself after having to get out of the way of a vehicle being driven dangerously, then you may be entitled to make a pedestrian compensation claim. Even though the vehicle did not hit you, the vehicle forced you to move, causing you to injure yourself.

It will be difficult to receive compensation for a road accident if you are hit by a vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle when crossing the road where there was no designated pedestrian crossing. You may not have been looking for cars coming and stepped out which makes it your fault. On the other hand, the driver of the vehicle may have been distracted, so they didn’t see you step out, which makes it their fault.

How much compensation will I receive?

That all depends on your injuries and how badly you are hurt. Almost all compensation claims cases do not go to court with a settlement being agreed outside of it by the two or more involved parties.

Where are the most common pedestrian injury black spots?

Between 1999 and 2010 an alarming total of 36,371 innocent people we killed on Britain’s roads:

  • 222 people were killed in Manchester
  • 204 people were killed in Liverpool
  • 177 people were killed in Sheffield
  • 119 people were killed in Wigan
  • 68 people were killed in Bury
  • 358 people were killed in Birmingham
  • 408 people were killed in Leeds

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