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How Will I Know If I’m Eligible to Make a Claim for Professional Negligence?

When you turn on the television or read a news stories, more and more professionals are being threatened with lawsuits for professional neglect. Professional neglect is basically when a professional, such as a doctor, has the ability to help a patient, but for whatever reason, the choose not to. Professional neglect should not ever happen and can be avoided if the professional would basically just do what he or she was trained to do in the most professional way possible.

What are the Results of Professional Negligence?

The average human being puts their lives in the hands of doctors, nurses, and hospital staff anytime they have an ailment that cannot be cured by over the counter treatments. These professionals have been educated by some of the finest institutions throughout the world and to neglect a patient is simply unethical. The results from neglect are pretty clear and are happening more often.

  • Prolonged Sickness – Many of the ailments that we suffer from these days can be quickly cleared up by antibiotics or another form of medication to alleviate the issue. No matter the ailment, you seek medical help to get better and medical neglect can cause you to be sick for quite a long time which can ultimately affect your ability to live a productive life.
  • Loss of Employment – Most employers understand that sickness can happen to anyone at any time. They tend to set aside sick days for employees throughout the year to help them not to worry about whether or not they have a job, but professional neglect can cause you to miss too many work days resulting in loss of wages or even loss of employment altogether.
  • Infecting Others – In the world we live in today, we have safe guards against getting sick. Antibacterial hand soap is among the best solutions to keep you as well as others from getting sick, but professional neglect can cause you not to get better quickly and therefore become contagious to family, friends, and coworkers. The neglect may start with you, but it can end up with an epidemic when the issue is left untreated.
  • Death – We always hope that professional neglect is never taken to this extreme, but it can and will happen. Patients that are neglected by the professionals that they trust so much in can die from complications of an issue that could have been resolved quickly. The cases of wrongful death are mounting throughout the world and many could have been avoided if the professional would have only taken the time to discover what the real problem was.

What are the Reasons Behind Professional Neglect of Duty?

  • Overcrowding – There are people throughout the world seeking help for all types of physical ailments and even emotional problems that can be managed through medication. Doctor’s offices and hospitals are overcrowded with people and neglect can happen simply because the medical professional is overworked. There is really no excuse for the neglect, but professionals that are overworked can be negligent.
  • Unbelief – When you visit a doctor, they will ask you what symptoms you are having and often these symptoms are not able to be picked up by the best scanners and x-ray machines on the market. Instead, the doctor must rely on the word of the patient. Some doctors who have treated the patient for the same ailment multiple times can come to believe that the patient is lying about the symptoms in order to get specific medications.
  • Human Error – More often than not, the professional negligence is caused by human error. The doctors and the nurses are human and therefore subject to error from time to time.
  • Equipment Error – Technology has taken over the medical world and now medical professionals are relying on the technology more than their professional opinion. The technology is a great tool, but just like humans, it is subject to error and giving false results.

Do I Have Grounds to Make a Compensation Claim for Professional Negligence?

If you suspect that you have been the victim of professional negligence, there is no time to lose in making your claim. Professional neglect has become one of the largest issues with patients in recent years and no one should have to suffer because a professional did not do their job. Doctors and nurses are paid very large salaries in hopes that they will give their patients the utmost in care. Unfortunately, things do happen and neglect can occur. No matter if it was the fault of human error or failing equipment, you have a voice and it deserves to be heard. Time is of the essence in these cases as there are statutes of limitations depending on where you live and the circumstances surrounding your claim. Do not allow professional neglect to continue get help as soon as possible.

If you have suffered Professional Negligence as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault then you may be able to make a claim. Call Tylers today on (freephone): 0800 699 0079 to see if you can make a claim today.