What is a Rear End Shunt Accident?

Vehicle accidents which involve you being hit by another vehicle from behind are known as rear end shunt accidents. The main determinant is that there are at least 2 cars involved in the accident where one has impact primarily to the rear section of the vehicle and the other has substantial impact to the front of the vehicle. However, in some cases vehicles which are hit in the side rear (right or left) may be considered to be rear end and not side impact collisions if the majority of the damage done to the vehicle is to the rear section.

Who is To Blame for a Rear End Shunt Accident?

One of the main factors in filing a Rear End Shunt Claim is determining the liable party. Generally, the person who rear-ended the other party is considered liable, but this is not always true. For example: If you are traveling at the correct speed and a vehicle brakes suddenly and for no apparent reason, then the front driver may be to blame. Another example would be if a vehicle was driving in reverse and collided with your vehicle. In this case the liable party would be the front driver. Just because the front end of your vehicle is the one to collide with the tail section of the other vehicle does not automatically make you liable.

Should I File a Rear End Shunt Accident Compensation Claim?

Rear-end (Rear End Shunt) collisions are one of the most popular vehicle collisions as well as the easier of claims to determine negligence and liability in most cases. As such, those which have been involved in a rear collision should file a claim if they have sustained injuries.

Those which have suffered from direct physical injury resulting in hospitalization may be entitled to a claim. Such injuries may include whiplash, severe bruising of the face, arms, and chest area, black eyes, fractured bones, and cuts.

If glass from the accident (whether from a windshield or other part of the vehicle) or metal from the vehicle needing stitching and has resulted in disfiguration you may have grounds for a claim.

Persons which have been involved in a rear end shunt which resulted in the need to be air transported to receive immediate medical attention definitively have grounds for a claim, especially if critical care hospitalization was required as a result of the collision.

Parents who have younger children who have been injured as a result of a rear end collision may have grounds for a claim. If your child has had to undergo treatment, physical therapy, counselling, or hospitalization a claim should be filed.

If it has been proven that the liable party was attempting insurance fraud by causing the rear end collision which resulted in your injuries, you definitively have grounds for a compensation claim.

Any individual which has lost limbs, eyes, internal organs, or the mobility of any of their body parts (paralysis) as the result of another person’s negligence which resulted in the end shunt accident definitively have grounds for a compensation claim.

Spouses and parents who have had a fatality as the result of a rear end shunt accident definitively have grounds for a claim.

What Should I Consider Before Claiming for Rear End Shunt Compensation?

As Rear End collisions are common, it is essential that you file your claim as quickly as possible. The longer you wait the less likely you are to receive the compensation (if any) for your injuries. Please keep in mind that the compensation you are entitled to is dependent upon multiple factors including but not limited to:

  • The time of the accident
  • The liable party (if you have shared liability compensation may be harder to obtain)
  • Other accidents which have occurred with similar injuries (the likelihood of such an accident occurring)
  • The duration of the injury or the estimated duration of the injury
  • The Grossness of the negligence

In any case involving injury, you are strongly encouraged to seek the professional diagnosis and treatment of a doctor, nurse, medical staff, or a practitioner. If you are currently being treated for your injuries, continue treatment. Never attempt to increase the severity of your injury to receive compensation. This is both highly dangerous to your health and illegal.

I’ve Suffered a Rear End Shunt – Can I Claim For Compensation?

If you have been involved in a rear end shunt accident and would like to have a professional consolation with someone who will work with you one-on-one to determine the best option for your claim, please contact us. We will not only help you to determine the right claim to file, but will ensure that all documentation is filed correctly and on time to maximize your potential to be awarded your claim.

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