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Ruptured Appendix Compensation Claim

Ruptured Appendix Compensation Claim

Any kind of health issues relating to your appendix can be incredibly painful and difficult to deal with. In most cases, surgery is the practical way of treating the condition. It can not only lead to a whole range of damage to your internal organs, but it can easily result in death if not treated. A ruptured appendix can happen in a variety of different ways. The impact it can have on your body can be grievous. If you’ve suffered from a burst appendix which could have been avoided, get in touch with our experienced team today.

Here at Tylers Solicitors, our experienced team can deliver no-win, no-fee personal injury and medical negligence claims. We can help you to get the compensation that you are entitled to. In many cases, a ruptured appendix can result in long-term health issues which can seriously impact your working and social life.

Can I Claim for Ruptured/Burst Appendix Problems?

You can make medical negligence claims related to a burst appendix, a ruptured appendix and appendicitis. You would need to be able to prove that you were treated negligently during your medical treatment.

What Kinds of Burst Appendix Medical Negligence Can I Claim For?

So long as there is evidence to show that you have been the subject of medical negligence, you will be able to claim compensation. Here at Tylers Solicitors, our experienced team of personal injury and medical negligence lawyers can provide a no-win, no-fee service. Our team will work with you to make sure that you get the highest amount of compensation possible.

How Much Could I Get for Ruptured/Burst Appendix Medical Negligence Claims?

If you’ve experienced any kind of medical negligence during treatment of your appendix issues, get in touch with the team at Tylers Solicitors today. Just some of the medical negligence cases that you can make a claim for include:

  • Infection – If you’ve suffered an infection of the wound while recovering in hospital, or if an infection has been left unnoticed, you will be able to make compensation claims.
  • Misdiagnosis or Lack of Diagnosis – If your condition has been left undiagnosed for too long, resulting in pain, discomfort and suffering, you will be able to make a compensation claim.
  • Diagnosis, but Treatment is Too Slow.
  • Unnecessary Surgery – If you’ve been forced to undergo unnecessary surgery, you will be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation.
  • Inadequate or No Pain Relief.
  • Damage to Other Organs During Surgery.
  • Failure to Deal with Appendicitis.

Here at Tylers Solicitors, our experienced team can deliver no-win, no-fee legal services for all kinds of medical negligence cases. Whether you’ve suffered a misdiagnosis or ruptured appendix mis-treatment, our experienced team are here to help you. Our medical negligence and personal injury lawyers are here to help you get as much compensation as possible.

If you’ve suffered from any kind of medical negligence or mistreatment relating to your burst appendix, get in touch with our experienced team today. The amount of compensation that you will receive is dependent on the level of personal suffering that you have been forced to undergo. In addition to your personal suffering, you may also be able to claim for wages lost, or as the result of any long-term health issues.

Types of Medical NegligenceDescriptionAmount of Compensation
Misdiagnosis of Burst AppendixIf you’ve been diagnosed with appendicitis and suffering from another illness/another illness and suffering from appendicitis. This can be with or without treatment.£1,750 to £31,500
Injuries to Internal Organs during SurgeryIf the surgeon has damaged other organs during your appendectomy.£15,000 to £95,000.
Diagnosis without Effective TreatmentSuccessful diagnosis with ineffective treatment or delayed treatment, causing the condition to worsen.£3,750 to £45,500.
For Burst Appendix Medical Negligence Claims in the UK, Contact Tylers Solicitors

Here at Tylers Solicitors, our experienced team can deliver a comprehensive no-win, no-fee service for all kinds of medical negligence claims. We can help you to get the compensation that you are entitled to. Whether you’ve suffered from misdiagnosis or mistreatment during surgery, our team are here for you.

For more information on the ruptured appendix compensation claims that we can provide, get in touch with our team today. We can deliver burst appendix compensation claims for all kinds of people who have suffered medical negligence. You can get in touch with our team today by calling us directly on 0800 699 0079. You can also send any questions or concerns that you might have to our team via our simple online contact form.

What is a Ruptured Appendix?

A burst appendix will cause hazardous and potentially infectious materials to spill throughout your body. In most cases, these materials will spill into your abdominal cavity. This can then result in a range of potentially life-threatening illnesses. A burst appendix is a medical emergency which can be life-threatening if not treated correctly.

Over the years, our professional team of no-win, no-fee legal specialists have helped thousands of clients to get the compensation that they deserve. If you’ve suffered any kind of appendix injury or illness and it wasn’t your fault, then you will be entitled to compensation. In most cases, the compensation resulting from these illnesses is related to medical negligence. If your appendix illness hasn’t been treated as it should, or if your doctors/nurses/ambulance drivers treated you with less than adequate care and diligence, then you will be able to make a compensation claim today.

What and Where is the Appendix?

The appendix is a tube of tissue which extends from the large intestine. It has been suggested that the appendix may play a role in the gut’s immunity system. However, thousands of people have this organ removed annually and can survive.

Is a Burst Appendix Painful?

Ruptured appendixes are extremely painful. Appendicitis can will often begin with pain around the belly button. This pain can come and go to begin with, but it will gradually increase. This pain will become constant and agonising.

What are the Symptoms of a Ruptured Appendix?

In addition to the development of agonising pain, a burst appendix can cause a range of other symptoms. These symptoms can include:

  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Loss of Appetite.
  • Fevers, normally between 38 and 39 Degrees.
What is Peritonitis?

Peritonitis is another illness which can be caused by appendicitis. As the hazardous materials spill into the abdominal cavity, they can cause the lining of the stomach to become infected. This can cause a range of internal organs to sustain damage.

What Does a Ruptured Appendix Look Like?

From the outside, appendicitis may look as simple as a swollen stomach. However, internally, a burst appendix looks more severe. The small tube will be red and angry-looking, usually with a small/large wound. This wound will seep pus and other materials.

How Will a Ruptured Appendix Be Diagnosed?

There are several different tests that your healthcare professional should conduct before diagnosing you with appendicitis. These tests will ensure that an appendix problem can be identified before surgery is required.

  • Physical Examination – The first step of your doctor should be a physical examination. They will apply gentle pressure on the gentle area. As soon as the pressure is released, the pain should become much worse. They may also search for abdominal rigidity.
  • Blood Test – This will allow your healthcare provider to check for a high white blood cell count. This will often signify an infection in your body. This is a great way of identifying a burst appendix.
  • Urine Test – In some cases, your doctor may want to conduct a urinalysis. This will be to eliminate a urinary tract infection or kidney stone, which can have similar symptoms before diagnosis.
  • Imaging Tests – It is possible that your doctor may recommend an abdominal X-ray, ultrasound or CT scan. These tests can be used to confirm a ruptured appendix or find other issues which could be causing you pain.
Does a Burst Appendix Need to be Removed?

If a ruptured appendix isn’t removed from your body, it will continue to spill infectious chemicals. This quickly leads to peritonitis, which can result in major damage to most internal organs. A ruptured appendix will cause incredible pain and, eventually, organ failure.

How Long Does Ruptured Appendix Surgery Take?

In most cases, appendix surgery (appendectomy) can take a few hours to complete. It can require your abdominal cavity to be cleared of hazardous materials. Recovering from the surgery can take up to 4 weeks, baring infections or other issues.

Can a Burst Appendix be Life-Threatening?

Yes. If a burst appendix isn’t removed, it will lead to death. The infectious, hazardous chemicals which can spill out of the appendix wound will cause irreparable organ damage. This can lead to a wide range of organ failure.

What Makes an Appendix Burst or Rupture?

Appendicitis occurs when the appendix becomes blocked. This normally occurs by human waste, a foreign body or cancer blocking the pipe. Appendix blockages can also occur via an infection. Following a blockage, the appendix will swell, which can lead to bursting.

Will a Burst Appendix Cause Sepsis?

A ruptured appendix can cause peritonitis to develop. As peritonitis can spread extremely quickly, it will cause your body to release chemicals to fight this infection. This will trigger the inflammatory response of sepsis.

Will a Ruptured Appendix Lead to Cancer?

Appendicitis will not lead to cancer, it is possible for cancer to cause a ruptured appendix. The small polyps caused by appendix cancer forces the appendix to burst. This allows cancer to spread throughout your body and develop tumours in your abdomen.

Can a Burst Appendix Cause Infertility?

Appendicitis will not cause infertility. However, if allowed to develop to the level of septicaemia, it can cause scarring to internal organs. For women, this can result in damage to the fallopian tubes. This can lead to difficulty when trying to conceive.

Will a Ruptured Appendix Cause Colitis?

Rather than causing ulcerative colitis to develop, appendicitis can reduce the risk of this illness occurring. Ulcerative colitis is a harmful inflammatory bowel disease which can cause long-term health concerns. Ulcerative colitis diagnoses are less common in people who’ve had an appendectomy.

What Causes Inflamed Appendixes?

Appendixes can be inflamed in a variety of different ways. This occurs when the entrance to the appendix is blocked by:

  • Cancer.
  • Waste.
  • Foreign Bodies.

It is also possible for infections to cause the appendix to inflame, forcing it close off.

Can an Inflamed Appendix Get Better?

An inflamed appendix will never repair itself. However, in some cases, appendicitis can be treated with antibiotics rather than surgery. In the young and healthy, appendectomy is often the first port of call. This is to prevent the waste of antibiotics.

Can Appendix Problems be Hereditary?

It is possible that appendicitis can be hereditary. Having a family history of appendicitis can increase a person’s risk of the condition. In these cases, an appendectomy is extremely likely, as antibiotic treatments are unlikely to prove effective.

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