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A scapula fracture can happen at any time in your life. Unlike other medical issues such as diseases, a scapula fracture is not something that is dependent upon age, sex, or race. A scapula fracture is the fracture of the shoulder blade and is generally caused by blunt force to the area such as during a car accident or a severe fall. Falls and car accidents do happen, so it is best to look for if you suspect you have a scapula injury and what can be done about any false diagnosis from your physician.
Symptoms of Scapula Fracture

Pain – The first indication that you may have a scapula fracture is a pain in the area. The pain can encompass a number of symptoms including bruising, swelling, a bump, and most often tenderness within the scapula area. The pain does not always occur right away due to a shock to the body’s system. It can take hours or even days to begin showing a significant amount of pain.

Difficulty Moving Arm – After a fall you may have some difficulty moving your arm, but if the difficulty is not strictly from swelling, there may be a scapula fracture behind it. An intact scapula allows for the shoulder to move freely.

Bones Poke Through Skin – When the bone is coming through the skin, it is more significant than the average injury. That is something that should be handled by a medical professional at all times and is a sure sign that something is broken.

Numb or Tingling Sensation – A scapula fracture is not always so severe in the symptoms. A slight fracture can cause numbness and a tingling sensation in the shoulder area. Persistent numbness is not something that should be ignored and should always be checked out by a medical professional.

Need for Support – The average shoulder injury may call for some support, but if after a few days of supporting the arm without any relief, seek professional help to be sure of what the injury actually is.

Reasons for Misdiagnosis
A misdiagnosis of a scapula fracture happens more often that one might think. Physicians work diligently to diagnose issues effectively, but more and more scapula fracture misdiagnose cases are coming to light. No one should have to contend with the complications of a misdiagnosed scapula fracture. Here are just a few of the reasons why a scapula misdiagnosis might occur.

Computer Error – One of the most common causes of any misdiagnosis can come from a computer error. We have the misconception that computers are perfect in all that they do, but errors can happen. A mix up of a number or simple human error can be attributed the patient getting the wrong diagnosis.

Quick Diagnosis – Diagnosing medical issues properly can take a lot of time. Some physicians look to maximize the number of patients they are able to see within a day by not taking an ample amount of time with the individual. The lack of overall time and concern for the well-being of the patient can and will attribute to a misdiagnosis.

Treatment Options
The treatment options for a scapula fracture are generally associated with the severity of the fracture itself. The more severe fractures or breakage calls for more severe and intrusive options.

Therapy – Some fractures that are on the milder side of the spectrum can be treated with physical therapy to the affected area. Physical therapy movements enable the correct function to come back to the area in a slow fashion.

Surgery – Surgery is always a possibility for treatment of a scapula fracture, but it is not always the first option that a physician will take on. The reason that surgery is often the last option for most medical professionals is that the scapula fracture is most often associated with other injuries, some that can be life-threatening. A good physician will delay treatment of the fracture in order to treat the more severe issues before surgery is performed.

Do You Have a Claim?

If you are among the many that have been treated for a scapula injury without results or have been treated for something else entirely and suspect that you have a scapula injury, there is no time to delay. Compensation for your injury claim is possible, but only if you act in time. Most cases have a cap of 3 years in which the effected person is able to make a claim. After that time marker, it is almost impossible to receive compensation. It is important that you document everything throughout your treatment and meetings with physicians and keep a record of every prescription and recommendation given. The possibility of a misdiagnosed scapula fracture is increasing as more and more people are seeking treatment.

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