Septum Injury Compensation Claim

Among other components on the face, the nose is especially very prominent, projecting out of the face to facilitate breathing. Consequently, it is also most prone to harm in cases of accidental or intentional impact. The force mainly affects the septum (the bone dividing the nostrils in two), leading to situations like fracturing, breaking and even misaligning.

If you may have experienced injury to the septum as a result of another person’s fault, it is your right to make a septum injury compensation claim. This helps you get justice for the damage done and also provides you with the required money to pay for the consequent medical procedures. Call Tylers Solicitors today on 0800 699 0079 for a no-obligation chat about how we can proceed with your compensation claim.

How Much Compensation Could I Claim for a Septum Injury?

The amount of money you can get as compensation for septum injury depends primarily on the extent of the damage. Injury in the form of fracture to the septum without pain is considered moderate, and all the more if it doesn’t need medical intervention to heal. It nonetheless also requires monetary compensation, and this ranges from £1,500 to £2,000.

Displacement (misalignment of the bones) resulting from the damage is much more painful and mostly requires medical intervention. This can be compensated with about £2,000 to £2,500. In more severe cases, the damage to the nose may require that surgery be performed to get the nose back in shape.

They consequently attract a higher compensation ranging at about £3,000 to £18,000. In cases where the sense of smell may be lost as a result of the damage, compensation will range between £20,000 and £25,000.

What are the Symptoms of a Septum Injury?

Septum injury comes with very observable symptoms. They include:

  • Frequent nose bleeding.
  • Pain in the face and especially severe around the nose.
  • Congestion in the nostrils; it may be on both or either one of the nostrils.
  • Nasal congestion.
  • Noisy breathing especially while sleeping.

Most of these symptoms are usually accompanied by pain which may lead to headaches and even migraines in severe cases.
You should visit a doctor should you feel or see any of these symptoms. This will help remedy the damage, easing the pain and helping you breath better and easier.

Is Tylers a No-Win, No-Fee Septum Injury Claims Solicitor?

Yes we are, for your convenience and benefit. This implies that no fee is required from you for our services should the ruling come against your favour. As such, you can confidently make a septum injury compensation claim without the fear of having to deal with the hefty law costs. However, this doesn’t compromise on quality as our team of lawyers is always ready to take on yet another case.

How Can I Make a Claim for Compensation?

The law states that if you sustain septum injuries, among other injuries, as a result of another person’s actions, then you are entitled to make a septum injury compensation claim. This is usually to facilitate covering for the consequent medical bills and also to compensate for the injustices committed against you.

However, you have to first prove that you have indeed sustained septum injury as a result of another person’s actions. This must also be backed up by a comprehensive report from a certified doctor. The report should include among other things the extent of the damage as this is what determines the amount of money ideal for compensation to you.

Call us today to get a lawyer to guide you through the claim filing process. Your assigned lawyer will guide you through all this and any other issue to ensure the case is strong and has tangible and solid evidence. The lawyer will further represent you fully in court and all the relevant proceedings there in.

How Long Until I Can Claim for My Septic Injury?

Seeing as it is there are certain requirements that you must fulfil to successfully make a septum injury compensation claim, it takes some time. The time will primarily depend on the time required by the doctor to run the necessary tests for a diagnosis and make a comprehensive report to be presented in court. Depending on the setting of the accident, it will also take time to gather the required evidence and testimonies from witnesses.

Where Can I Find More Information on Septic Injuries?

While there are many resources on the web about septum injury, the process of making a successful septum injury compensation claim is made somewhat complex by the legal guidelines and requirements. As such, get in touch with others to get the best answers tailored to your specific circumstances. Our team of professional and dedicated lawyers is always ready to help you out where need be.

Why Choose Tylers Solicitors to Represent Your Septic Injuries?

Our team of lawyers has had ample evidence representing victims of assault in septum injury and other bodily harm related injuries in court. As such, you can be guaranteed of a successful claim as our lawyers know all the rules on the book, and are surely set to navigate you flawlessly through the process. As such, make a septum injury compensation claim with us today to enjoy quality and guaranteed services. All this will be virtually free, thanks to our no win no fee policy, assuring you financial security and freedom when approaching us.

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