Sternum Injury Compensation Claim

Provided that the sustained injury was due to the negligence of another party then you should be in a position to claim compensation for a sternum injury, such as a fractured or broken sternum. There are certain circumstances that could reduce the amount of compensation that you are entitled to, such as if you was partially responsible for the accident or waited for a substantial period of time before seeking medical attention, or if you have already consented to an unsolicited offer of compensation from the insurance of the negligent party. However, with the help of a proficient solicitors such as Tylers Solicitors, we can evaluate your case and recommend whether you have a claim. If we feel that your case is worth pursuing then we will proceed to work hard so you will be fully compensated for your sternum injury at the highest possible amount.

How Long Do I Have to Claim for Sternum Injury Compensation?

Since any delay in medical treatment can probably see your compensation value lowered by up to 25%, it is very important that you seek medical treatment from a professional medical practitioner as quickly as possible. This is because there could be an accusation that you may have aggravated your injury through your own lack of care.

It would also be to your advantage if you traded insurance and individual details with those included in the accident and gathered the points of interest of any witnesses and that you report the accident to the police in the event that they didn’t go to the scene.

In the event that you are approached with an early offer of compensation, before you even have the sufficient energy to consider your claim, we encourage you to pass your compensation claim to us and we can figure out whether or not it is a reasonable and exact representation of compensation for your injuries. Alongside the suffering that has been brought on by your injuries, different variables, such your loss of earnings, should be included within the insurance companies offer to you.

In case of an unsolicited offer, an accomplished solicitor such as ourselves has the knowledge to answer any questions that you may have on the circumstances of your compensation amount and can suggest whether or not it is a feasible offer.

How Much Compensation Could I Be Entitled To Following a Sternum Injury?

The following are 4 essential steps to calculating how much compensation you can claim for a fractured or broken sternum:

  1. Medical reports describing the victim’s injuries, including the broken or fractured sternum. A report describing the damages must be kept ready by a specialist orthopaedic surgeon. When the report is finalized the compensation amount can be estimated much easier.
  2. Psychological damages as well as physical damages must be considered.
  3. If you have an expert solicitor acting on your behalf then they must be in a position to direct you on a variety of morals that count towards your claim. Injuries are not the only factor that count towards your compensation claim, there are other factors such as a loss of earnings, damages (i.e:- to your car), which also count towards your compensation claim.
  4. Outside help – have you had to pay for your own medical care? If so, this will count towards your claim. Why should you pay for your injuries that could have been avoided and wasn’t your fault?

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