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Stomach injuries can be incredibly serious, with life-changing effects for the victims. If you’ve suffered an injury to your stomach through no fault of your own, you could be able to claim compensation. Read on to discover whether you should contact a compensation claims solicitor.

Compensation amounts for stomach injuries

  • Hernia leading to disability: £17,500
  • Serious bladder problem: up to £90,000
  • Total loss of bowel function: up to £100,000
  • Loss of function of one kidney: up to £25,000
  • About stomach injuries and diseases

Many of the body’s most important organs are situated in the stomach – so any injury sustained to this area can have serious consequences. The kidneys, liver, bladder and intestines are all an essential part of the digestive system, and if one organ is damaged, it can mean a lifetime of treatment or even disability for the victim.

Injuries to the stomach can happen in many different ways. It could be a car accident that wasn’t your fault, a routine operation that’s gone awry or an incident in the workplace – whatever the cause, we could help you to claim compensation.

The amount of compensation you’ll be awarded is based on a number of different factors. Obviously, the severity of your injury will come into play – the more serious the injury, the bigger the award is likely to be. Those assessing your claim will also bear in mind any financial losses you’ve incurred as a result of your injury, whether it’s splashing out for expensive treatment or missing out on earnings because you’ve been signed off from work.

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Types of stomach injury

  • Hernia – hernias are most commonly caused by lifting heavy objects. They can be incredibly painful, and in some cases, can even lead to bowel obstruction. Hernias often occur in the workplace, when employees are tasked with lifting heavy objects without assistance.
  • Ruptured bladder – often caused by blunt trauma, ruptured bladders can be very dangerous and may even lead to complete bladder failure. This can also occur during pelvic surgery, in which case, a clinical negligence claim would be filed.
  • Kidney damage – damage to the kidneys can be caused by blunt trauma, as well as disease or dehydration. Many people who have experienced damage to their kidneys have had to adapt their diet and lifestyle as a result, as well as seeking complex treatment.

How compensation can help

If you’ve suffered a stomach injury, your quality of life may be diminished. Perhaps you’ve had to cut down your working hours because of recurring pain or regular treatment. Maybe you’ve had to adapt your home because you can no longer climb stairs or go to the bathroom unaided. Compensation can help you to deal with all of these matters, as well as ensuring that you and your family will have the support you need to recover.

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